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Sad News regarding Parvin c

I'm always in bits when i read on here that another one of our brave community has lost their battle. It's taken a while for me to put this post up because I've been overcome with sadness. Parvin and I were diagnosed at the same time and suffered recurrences at the same time. Parvin fought bravely til the end and i received a beautiful email from her daughter. I'm not sure how many of you were in contact with her but she was a true inspiration for me. I thought i would post on here and pass on details to her daughter so that she could draw comfort from our words.

shabila xxx

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Thank you so much for letting us know, it is so sad that Parvin has now left us too, please pass on my deepest sympathy to her family my thought are with then.

Best wishes love x G x


Like others I am always saddened when we lose another friend. Please send her family my condolences.

Sheila x


I am so, so sorry. I read each of Parvin's posts and I was always left with a sense of awe at her spirit and fortitude. She was a truly wonderful person. I know I will remember her and miss her. My thoughts are very much with all those who loved her, her family and friends, also the friends she made here. God willing, better treatments will come. Cxxx


I'm really sad to hear of Parvin's death. Her posts and blogs were always so courageous. Even whilst she was struggling with this disease she continued to post up positive news and keep in touch with us.

A while back she and I discussed our new kitchen plans. She was looking forward so much to moving back home to enjoy her kitchen and cook her anti-cancer asian dishes. I hope she managed this and it gave her pleasure even as her health failed.

A truly great compassionate woman. I'm sending my condolences to Parvin's family and friends. We shall miss her on this site.



Oh I'm so sorry. Parvin was a wonderful contributor to the site, very honest about her fears and frustrations and equally open to sharing her pride in her son's graduation or her dreams of a new kitchen. I shall miss her.

She seemed like a lovely mother, wife and friend and I send my sympathy to her family.

Monique x


It is indeed very sad news.My thoughts are with her family and everyone who knew her

Anne x


My very best wishes to her family and friends.....hold on to the happy times and, in time, enjoy the memories.

Best wishes

Lynn x


A very sad loss, she will be remembered.

My thoughts are also with the family.

Trish x


Whenever Parvin left a comment or remark, it was in a positive way and she seemed a truly lovely lady. She seemed calm and, even when fearful, her spirituality was there, in her words, somehow. Sorry if this isn't making much sense! We will miss her. My thoughts and sympathies go to Parvin's friends and family. RIP

Love Wendy xx


Such very sad news and I'm sure it was difficult to share. Parvin wrote beautiful and thoughtful posts and I am sure will be much missed by many people who's lives she touched. Thinking of those she loved at this difficult time, with love Sx


What awful news to have to break Shabila. It is hard when you lose someone you have felt close to.

Pass on our condolences to Parvin's family. She always came across as a very gentle soul.



Oh that is sad. She was so young really, and sounded so nice.

Her poor family, wishing them strength. Thank you for telling us, Shabila


Sue xxx


My condolences to Parvin's family and friends, so very sad ,

Love Sue xx


This is very sad news. Please pass on my condolences to Parvin's family and friends. May god give them strength. Love Lakshmy


Very sad news about Parvin. I always loved reading her blogs. I was thinking about her on Tuesday this week and wondering what was happening with her. Her family and friends are in my thoughts.

Love Mary xx


Very sad news that we have lost another friend. Deepest sympathies to her lovely family .




Just to say sorry to loose another of our group sympathy to all her family Jenny


I'm so sad to hear that Parvin has lost her battle. My thoughts are with her family and friends at this sad time.

With much sympathy,



Sad to hear this news.


Like the rest of you, I am very sorry to hear this news. She always seemed like such a nice person, and so positive despite not very good news. Please do pass on my condolences to her family. I hope she at least got to enjoy her new kitchen!


My deepest sympathies for a lovely lady lost too soon

Much love from Amanda x


My deepest condolences to Parvin's family. It is truly sad to hear of the loss of another friend to this disease.

May her soul rest in peace & may God give all her family the courage to bear this great loss.

With deepest sympathy



Sad and sorry to hear this news.dy


Parvin was a lovely lady and will be greatly missed by us all.

My condolences to her family.

Love Linda xxx


Another one of our lovely ladies ..this is Just so very sad ....

My thoughts go out to Parvin's family ..

J xxx


Hi to all, My names Nasifah (Josie) - Parvin's eldest daughter and I must say you have all bought tears to my eyes with your beautiful messages. Sadly I never read mum's posts, but it is so heartwarming to know she was positive in her mind frame and her last week with us definitely showed that courage and strength in which she pursued all the way through.

Her character was such which lit the room with just her presence and it's that presence which we crave for every single day. She left us all so young (my brother 24, me 21, my sister 14) and she had so much more left to see and do, which brings tremendous heartache to us all. However the impact and achievements in which she has left behind has only made up beam with pride that we had such an inspirational mother.

I sincerely wish you all the best in your treatments and I hope you all overcome such a horrible disease which breaks the hearts of so many families. If mum's positivity helps to combat at least one person's illness, than I'm sure she would be over the moon. Fight till the very end, just like she did. Leave a mark behind, which she did.

We have comfort in knowing she does not have to suffer anymore as she did endure a substantial amount of battering and is now safe with God. But it still won't fill the empty space which will exist in our lives forever.

Take care all, and most importantly Thank You. Mum used to spend alot of her time on these sites and it bought alot of comfort to her, so even though you don't realise, you all played a vital part in her journey. xx


Dear Josie and Family,

Thank you so much for posting this,it must be a very hard thing for you to do especially as you are so young, I know you have special memories of your mum, we have special memories too in particular her new kitchen that she was so looking forward to using, she sorely missed on this our support group, her support and lightness of spirit will never be forgotten.

I have written her a tribute...I am not sure whether you will find it But if I comment on it now you will be able to access it by going to the top and pressing "communities" then the drop down menu will say "my Ovacome" press this and my comment will make it appear at the top of

the newsfeed I hope this makes sense...please do not hesitate to come on here if you need support. Thinking of you much love X G X


Dear Gwyn,

Thank you - I did read it, it was so touching and made me cry some more. It still feels surreal, like she's gone on a holiday but I suppose for her it's the best holiday she will have ever been on! I do hope this gets easier and i pray mostly that fewer families have to go through this rather than more. You are all so lovely on here, I can see why mum liked to be on here so much :) Thank you for your kind words, keep mum in your hearts and prayers x


I am sorry my intention was not to make you cry, but to give recognition of a very special lady, she was a very special lady to us, and because of this you are a very special daughter and the rest of the family too.

I will keep you in my thoughts and especially my prayers.

Please try not to grieve too long but try and live your life to

the full.. it is what your mum would want...live it for her she deserves this... Much Love Gwyneth xx


So very sad to hear this news,

condolences to Parvin's family and friends,




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