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has anyone had a psuedo cyst?

so i finally had my last cycle of myocet and had my end of treatment scan on 22nd March to be told that i have had a positive response to chemo. YIPEE. Kept going back and forth to the hospital as i could feel a lump in my abdomen (upper right quadrant) and just didn't feel right, I was sent home every time and told that they could not find any reason as to why i was feeling so uncomfortable. Had appointment with onc on the 4th and saw his registrar, again she had a feel of my stomach and told me all was good. My care has been between Walsall Manor hospital and Birmingham City Hospital. On Monday I had an appointment at City and the dr straight away said i had a lump. Ticked off to say the least. Why was this not picked up at Walsall when i repeatedly told them i could feel something. You would think they would be extra careful with patients with a history of cancer. I've had a very worrying week waiting for scan reports to go across to city for an mdt to be held to see what this lump is. I have now been told that it is a psuedo cyst, has anyone else had this?

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Hi Shabila,

It is good news that the you had a good response from your treatment, I just looked up a psuedo cyst and read that usually it is benign, I know you would rather not have had it, I also read that a psuedo cyst often disappears by itself (but I think it depends on how big it is) have they told you how they are going to treat it?

Just sending you my best wishes love x G x



I have had a fairly similar condition following surgery in january for five hernias (strangulated)- this was after my incision from hysterectomy for ovca four yrs ago broke down internally. They operated to repair the damage but took the drains out too early following surgery and I collected a lot of fluid in my abdomen which formed a seroma which turned into a type of pseudo cyst I was told. I was fairly unlucky in that they drained twice under ultrasound but they couldn't get into the cyst chambers containing some of the fluid despite getting out over 2 litres.According to my consultant if there is less than 500 ml fluid your body will eventually absorb and they leave well alone and for most people this or putting in a small drain for a few weeks works.

Unfortunately, I was different! and have just had open surgery (last week) to remove the cyst/seroma as mine was huge and affecting everyday life.I understand this was unusual and not normally needed as they resolve with more conservative treatment- they did wait 3mts to see if went on its own or subsided.

I'm not sure if this has the same cause or treatment as yours and hope yours is less of a problem than mine has been. Good news is that the surgery has worked and there was no signs of the ovarian cancer on the many scans I had!

Good luck with everthing and take care,

Polly x


I had a pseudocyst (fluid filled cyst) last year it's all in my blogs if you want to read them. It has now resolved itself and has disappeared I was told it was not uncommon after surgery.


thanks ladies for your responses, am still waiting for an appointment to come through, i've been told they will drain the cyst, think it's quite big cos i can clearly feel it. Polly glad you got everything sorted and so pleased that your scans have been clear, long may it last


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