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Ovarian cyst/tumor

Hi I have been getting pain in my left side for a while now,I went to the hospital and got told I could have a ovarian cyst that could of burst,I have since then had 2 internal scan and it's been confirmed that I have a cyst/tumor its about 4x5 cm big also waiting on further results, plus had 2 blood test one with ca125 results of 59 still waiting on the other and a ultra sound done which I ha done yesterday, they are now wanting me to have a ct scan done,sometime the pains unbearable and it's goes for a while but today it's been painfull all day(cope able) I'm 28 with 4 children one disabled and I can't stop worrying that it's the big C, my consultant did say they cant rule C out an know I can't stop worrying,has anyone has the same problem,I'm just scared all the time I don't really have anyone to discuss my worries with sorry for going on and on,does anyone have some advice that would be much appreciated x

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Hi, I know how you feel it's very scary and worrying. The best advice I can give you is to push for the ct scan asap. You need to know so you can stop worrying about something that might never happen. My GP was great, he referred me for an urgent scan but the appointment came through for 3 weeks later! He rang the hospital and got me in 2 days later and I got the results about 4 days after that. Unfortunately it was ovarian cancer but I have been looked after ever since and I'm doing really well. Please let me know how you get on. Andrea xx


I'm sorry to hear that,hopefully they got it in time,I ended up nenedoc and have been told that it has apparently gone there was no cyst there so I'm just going to wait till 11nov to have it confirmed and hope they can find out why my ca125 was elevated if it wasn't because of the cyst,thank u very much for your reply hope thing work out for u xx



I too am 28, with 2 kiddies! I have been experiencing similar to you, and am going for a scan tomorrow, but I can understand how you feel. I keep telling myself to stop worrying but it's always at the back of my mind! Hopefully keeping busy will help you! I can't stand the waiting and 2weeks doesn't sound like long to a doctor but it is draining when you are not sleeping, just thinking!!

Big hugs to u xx


Hi. I am sorry that you have all this worry at such avyoung age and with 4 children to look after too.

Many, many women develop cysts on their ovaries that come and go all through their adult life without them even knowing about them. I imagine your CA125 would be risen when one is present but of course most dont even know they have the cyst so wont have had the test! Fibroids can also cause your CA125 levels to rise. I really do hope that you are one of these women.

One consultation is that you are now in the system and getting investigated. Please try not to worry too much, easier said than done, I know, but it won't do you any good. Please take it one day at a time.

Ann xo


Sorry, predictive text, meant consolation.


Try not to worry although that is easy to say. I had the same symptoms as you but a lower CA125, it was an early stage, once you have the cyst removed and receive the histology report you will know for sure, fingers crossed it's good news.



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