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Pre cancer cyst

Hi there..

Just wanting to see if there is any one out there going through.. Or have been though what I'm going through now..

I'm 26 years old ive been married just over a year.

Last November I had a MRI scan on my back due to a ongoing treatment, only for them to find that I have ovarian cyst, after further testing the hospital diagnosed me with embrometriosis, both my ovaries have been effected, which my largest cyst being 7cm,

So on 1/7/13 I went into hospital for a simple straight forward laparoscopy, only for them to find some thing completely different,

After my surgery I was told that they had taken some biopsies as they thought it was cancer/ pre cancer ovarian cysts,

After 2 very long weeks of waiting my appointment come though the post to go and discuss the out come.

I was told that they were pre cancerous cyst and my ovaries have to be removed but they would keep my womb.

I know I should be glad of the result as the other diagnosis would of been alot worse, but not having any children yet I'm finding it really hard to come to term with it all.

I no there are other ways and carrying a baby is an important thing to me, my sister has already offered to donate her eggs. But I'm finding it hard to come to terms with not having my OWN baby.

Hope there are others out there that can relate to my storey

Many thanks


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Hi Michelle

I just wanted to welcome you, although I am sorry you have found the need to join us here. I am sure there are many who will relate to what you are going through and I am equally sure they will be along soon.

I think you are right to realise that in some respects you have been very lucky. Most ladies with OC don't get to find out until it is at an advanced stage when treatment is more difficult. Your condition is far more treatable so try to take heart from that.

I wish you all the very best and hope the ladies here are able to give you the support and help you need.

Kindest regards

Andy x


Dear Michelle

I was sad reading your post but the good thing is that they have caught this really early. Have you heard of Ovacome's Nurse-led line with Ruth? It's really worth ringing her to talk about this as she's really very knowledgeable, she runs a support for younger women, and she'll be able to give you some advice.

Her number during working hours is: 0845 371 0554. Please do ring her as she'll have plenty of advice for you.

love Annie xxx


Thank you ill take that number and may give her a call.x


Hi Michelle,

As a mother myself it is difficult to empathise (if not selfish) of me to say it's ok because I know for you it's not, the alternative of course would be far worse i.e. If your condition was not found and you went on to have children they might have been left without a mum, and as a mum I know how heartbreaking this must be, (but of course saying this doesn't help the situation) you are in grief at the moment and realise it is a terrible loss for you, please allow yourself to grieve your feelings are natural, I promise you things will get better, then you will see past the fog to a way forward, and a life to be lived.

There are a few people on here that are going or have gone through the same situation as you, I am confident that they will be along soon to share with you how they coped

Sending you my love x G x


I do feel for you, when I had my hysterectomy I was quite upset that I can't have any more children, although I do have children already I think as a woman it's part of who you are and worse still is not having the choice.

Have you investigated a second opinion and spoke in depth with your gynecologist about your concerns and explored your options, as that is the best person to talk to, you should also have a specialist nurse to answer your questions.



Hi ladies... Thank you so much for the quick responses.

It's so nice of you all and it's a lovely feeling knowing that there are people to talk to and understand..

I am 100% glad that they caught my pre cancer cyst early and I'm very grateful of that. Think was more the shock of going in for a simple procedure and that not happening and being told it maybe the Big C WORD! When ever you here that you always think the worse.

I'm awaiting my next operation date to have my ovaries removed, I think once I overcome that it will help my to come to term with everything.

The past 3 weeks since my last operation have been like a roller coaster ride... Ups and downs.. For a while I kept it bottled up acting as though I was fine when really inside I was breaking down,

My husband and all my family have been so supportive.. Has a family we have been through losing people with cancer many of times, so receiving the news it wasn't cancer I was over the moon at the time, but now it's slowly sunk in that I will be losing both my ovaries and its heart breaking.

But I'm going to stay positive and think of how lucky I have been.

Thanks again for your


So sorry to hear your story.

Is there any opportunity for you have eggs collected and frozen (as eggs or fertilised embryos) before you have your ovaries removed?

Best wishes



Hi thanks for replying..

That hasn't been a option as my ovaries are in a bad way they need them removing ASAP.. And going through freezing my eggs would mean I had to wait longer.x


Hi and welcome. By pre cancerous are they meaning the cysts are borderline? Is it both your ovaries that are effected? I had a total hysterectomy aged 32 for a borderline mucinous cyst, although my situation was somewhat different in that I had two children already. It was still a heartbreaking decision as the original cyst grew while I was pregnant and caused the loss of the baby. Is it possible for you to see a fertility expert first to discuss your options?I have heard some people have their embryos frozen before the ovaries are removed but I suppose this means a cycle of IVF before hand. Wishing you all the best with your decision x


Yeah they are boarder line cyst and you correct both my ovaries are infected.. They said they could try and leave part of my ovary in but they advised me against this as there was a chance they would come back and be cancer and I couldn't put myself through this ordeal again.. As with freezing my own eggs isn't a option as my ovaries are in a REALY bad way and they want them removed ASAP, I'm lucky that my sister has already said that she would donate for me, which is an amazing thing.

As then the baby will still have some of my family genes.


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