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Treatment others have been having

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I am presently on Avastin post chemotherapy which I completed in September

I was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer I had chemotherapy and a total hysterectomy there was no lymph node involvement and no other disease visible to the surgeon

Ii responded very well to the treatment and was doing well on Avastin with a clear scan in March

Unfortunately my ca125 is elevated since and I fear the worst in my next scan which is early June

Wondering if anyone have had similar experiences


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Hi Peggy, pre scan anxiety is just the worst thing, my situation is different to yours in that my ca125 has remained normal since after my first chemo but I can completely relate to your pre scan worry , its even been given a name now 'scaniexty'. I have scans every six months and the only way I can reassure myself is to say that if anything shows up it has to be fairly new so it'll be treatable. I was originally diagnosed in 2015 with a recurrence in 2017 but my last scan in February was good and I'm well thank God. I hope June goes well for you 🙏

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Thankyou for reply and reassurance appreciate it will let you know results

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Tvam in reply to Setdance

I truly wish you all the very best xx

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Well...yes. many of us have recurrences we then proceed usually to a new round of chemo. Good luck hugs from paris

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Thankyou so much for good wishes and encouragement appreciate it very much

Hello Peggy, I also was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Ca. in October 2017your probably told you that you can get a false positive result on the CA125 blood test ie its not totally foolproof

you wrote that your last scan was clear in March & that your disease was localised with no lymph node involvement which is very positive.

cancer is a bumpy ride for us all, it is normal to be fearful of a raised CA125 , the scan may reveal an issue to be dealt with and a plan will be put in place if required.

wishing you all the best with the scan


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Thankyou Maria for taking the time to write this message and for your encouragement please God scan will show favourable results Wishing you continued good health


I just wanted to let you know Ias you know I was very anxious about my scan as my ca125 was raised wWell I had the scan and there was no disease evident so I am grateful for that

Oncologist did start me on Arimidex as studies are showing its effective in oc treatment so for now I am relieved

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