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Hi Ladies, I did post yesterday but it seems to have gone to cyberspace, So my review went well, Tummy and chest clear on examination. So as hoped, back for scan in May and result towards the end of May. The energy is picking up post Avastin and I now can look foward to the Wedding with more ease, I hope everyone is doing okay and not having any great problems on treatment. Hoping to catch up with those who are able on Sat week at the Clarion, best wishes

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  • Great news! You'll have lots of energy and an easy mind for the wedding. M

  • That's wonderful Joan. Am so glad for you. X

  • That's great news , you can now enjoy the build up to your sons wedding and just enjoy life. Kittie

  • Fabulous news Joan. You are an inspiration. Over the moon for you. More than the wedding to celebrate now! Big hug Chickpea x

  • Delighted Joan, great news 😊

  • Thanks Mary I hope you are doing okay and the family. The brighter evenings are coming in and that puts us in better humour, well I will make the best of the next three months and live in hope.

  • delighted with your news - long may it last.

    enjoy the wedding now.


  • Thank you, I notice from your post you are having a bad week. Hopefully by the weekend you will feel a little better. I do know that I am always just one review away from treatment.

  • Joan congrats on your review and I hope you totally enjoy the lead up to the wedding and the wedding itself!!!!

    Party and dance your socks off! !!!


  • I have to get my doggies sorted, I think they would prefer to stay at home as one is elderly and wouldnt be happy in a kennel so doing research at the moment. A small trouble in the bigger picture!!!

  • That is wonderful news Suzuki. Well done . Now you can really look forward to the wedding with a light heart. I will see it as a good omen for my appointment today. Say a prayer I will ask the right questions and more importantly get clear and positive answers. You will be my inspiration for today. I am so happy for you


  • Hi Molly O, I hope your consult went well today and that you feel more at ease. Do you know I never got around to asking the question about Braca testing, typical me all plans and then it goes out of my head.

  • Hi Suzuki

    My gynae is such a lovely person and took time to talk things through with me. I did try to cover all that the niggling questions and he is ordering a CT scan for me within the next few weeks as it is over a year since I had one and possibly because of some of the pains and symptoms I was telling him about. He did reassure me that going into my fifth year without recurrence was very positive . However he also preempted a question I had about surgery and said that the thinking now was that drastic surgery may well have done more harm than good and since I responded very well to chemo it was the right thing for me. I was quite happy coming out and my lovely rock of a brother took me for a nice meal to celebrate. I don't really tell him all my fears and my family and friends see me as looking well so therefore I must be ok. How come then today I woke with a heavy heart and I have to sit and rest every 20 minutes with fatigue and pain in my lower back and on my left side ?

    Sorry Suzuki for such a long miserable post but I guess most of us never really get away from this awful monster and fellow sufferers are the only people who really understand . I have lots to be thankful for and I do thank God every day that I am still standing. I believe in the power of prayer and my friends and family have kept the candle industry going ! I do pray for you and all my lovely women on the site. Now I am going to shake myself up, dust myself down and do that housework that is waiting for me. I am so happy for you that you can look forward to your family wedding. Take care and thanks for your post. You are so kind.


  • Hi Molly O, I tried to reply earlier but I upset the whole site from my end and had to reset my password so back again now. I am glad you have a comprehensive chat with the consultant yesterday. You will be relieved to get your scan sorted and perhaps put your mind at ease. I think any day we get out of bed and we are able to stand is a good day. This illness makes us appreciate things like that. Hope the scan goes well take care

  • Hi Suzuki

    That cyberspace gremlin has just swatted my last reply to you. I just wanted to say your wise words have made me focus on the positive . Plus there is no point in crossing bridges until we come to them and God knows there have been plenty of raging rivers put in our way. That is not to say that I can promise I won't be posting very soon. I just find such kindness and empathy on this forum from you and the other women , that sometimes the only thing that will lift me up is posting my worries. Thanks again


  • No problem, I agree the gremlins have invaded the site tonight for some unknown reason. Yes we have had worse and a trouble shared is a trouble halved, remember that

  • What peace of mind that positive consult brings Suzuki . Am delighted for you . To all others who are having a rough time with chemo I can only empathise but the sun is beginning to shine so this too shall pass.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with you, things hopefully will improve for those in trouble at the moment.

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