A fond Farewell,

A few years back in late 2013 I saw a Coffee Morning advertised by Ovacare here in Cork. I was feeling miserable as on Gem/Avastin and very unsure of myself with a recurrence. I entered the Hotel and found directions to the event. I entered the room with trepredation and a runny nose from the Avastin, I met June from Ovacare and I sat down next to this lovely young woman who immediately said "Well you are on Avastin anyhow" This broke the ice for me, MissFitz as we knew her made me feel immediately at home and chatted about the side effects she had. I brightened up and when it was time to go, I was a changed person, much brighter and more positive. MissFitz and the other ladies made me feel I was no longer alone. Today, I bid MissFitz farewell. From the Eulogy it seems that MissFitz was always like this, kind. courteous, concerned and helpful. Even a few weeks ago, she also gave courage to another lady on treatment near her in the Oncology Unit. MissFitz fought her illness with the same courage and determination she brought out in other people. She would not give in, she wanted as much time as possible with her husband and young family. She did do that and had many holidays despite her illness. Tonight when the sky is bright, there will be another Shining Star, her husband and children have their own guardian angel. May Sara be at peace

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  • That is lovely, RIP MissFitz

    LA xx

  • R.I.P.missfitz, you will be at peace now, and thankyou suzuki for sharing this sad news.

  • Beautiful post Joan! I am sure Sara is at peace and looking down with love on her loving family!! May she rest in peace!

    Hope you are OK!


  • Beautiful post and brought me to tears. We are so lucky to meet some amazing people on this journey that inspire us and bring comfort despite what we are all going through.

    Hugs to you and condolences to Saras family xo

  • Joan, this is one of the most moving tributes ever. Sara has read it over her morning cuppa and sent you her blessings.


  • What a beautiful tribute Suzuki. 💜

  • Hi Suzuki, Once again you surpassed yourself with your beautiful words. Missfitz was a beautiful lady and she will be as you said a guardian for her family and also get Ovacare family. Kittie

  • Very sad news. Made me cry. I know MissFitz is in peace now and taking care of her family from the sky. RIP

  • A beautiful tribute - may she rest in peace.......


  • So true, beautiful tribute to a lovely lady.

  • Thank you Joan for your lovely words. Her funeral mass was a fitting tribute to Sara. She was a wonderful communicator, a great advocate for ovarian cancer patients and a special friend. We all benefitted from her wisdom, support and encouragement. May she rest in peace. M

  • What a lovely tribute Suzuki. You did her proud. May she rest in peace and may her family's grief be eased by the knowledge that they truly have an angel minding them. I listened to her patient day talk on the day you broke the sad news and she really touched my heart.


  • Lovely! Very emotive, just a beautiful thing to say

    Carole xxx

  • A lovely tribute Joan. Thinking of you.

    Mary x

  • Hello Suzuki , thanks for the lovely account of the farewell to Sarah . Yes indeed she was all you said and more . We will all miss her, may she Rest in Peace now . It broke my heart I could not attend on Tuesday or yesterday . I was just too sick, it was a comfort to me knowing Sarah would understand and I was there in spirit. I attended the unit to day for doctor to review and ?chemo . My bloods were fine but I did not have the Gem , the nausea has completely taken over and Im eating very little . It is a vicious cycle . The plan is now take a break from chemo ( even though I only had one treatment ) try and get myself better, and wait until my consultant is back from holidays . Keep well and enjoy the summer . X Lupins

  • Yes it was emphasised at the Mass that many would have liked to have been there and couldnt. It was also Saras wish that we all sit down for the mass and responses no standing. I am sorry you are feeling unwell still. Just try small bit gradually. My sister got chicken pox from her grandchildren and she was indeed very sick. She couldnt eat at all and she asked the doctor for Fortesip. A week of those shakes brought her along nicely and she is back to normal now or thereabouts.

  • A Beautiful ,fitting tribute for a beautiful girl.She made me feel comfortable in her company and never let the O.C take over her life.She will be sitting side by side with Daisies making sure we continue the fight.Her family have a beautiful angel looking out for them now,she will be greatly missed by all. Xxx

  • A very heartfelt tribute Suzuki, thank you..

  • a fitting tribute Joan to an anspiring lady.Thank you MissFifz and may you rest in peace.

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