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I toddled off to the gp today as had a bite which was slow to go away and casually mentioned that I had piles etc so before I knew it I have been referrred to a surgeon for colonscopy. I drove all the way home across the city freaking out. Of course he mentioned the article so he cant be blamed for not acting in the best interest of his patient. Ironic isnt it? I am just wondering if any of you would like to share if they had or have discomfort in that area while on Avastin? I do realise it is not a dinner table subject haha. I got suppositories in the meantime but I have to keep the hospital appointment even if it clears up. I did notice it worsened after the last Avastin. My last ct scan was good enough and lymph nodes are down but he said it was a red flag complaint so had to be followed up. Oh the bite could be a spider bite or a little cyst which isnt a major thing.

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  • Hi Suzuki...the usual problems I see have arisen (or dropped in your case). Sometimes straining, if constipated/or if too loose, can cause piles. In my case it did get worse when on Avastin - hence, the need for me to take regular laxatives.

    However, when "sore" I use Vaseline to ease the sore bottom...& it works. There has not been a need to have it checked out in my case.

    In relation to the bite - remember when on Avastin, your skin can be affected and even a simple bite can take a while to ease.

    If the colonoscopy is offered - take it, as it can show if the piles are serious, and also if other problems are them.

    Hopefully , NO problems will be found.

    Hope you are well otherwise. Had been enjoying some lovely summer weather - heat & sun - at beginning of week and then practically froze last night with the cold. The heat in Milan will be so welcome.

    keep us posted though.

    Daisies xxx

  • Actually I do blame the Avastin a little because if it irritates one area, it can irritate another. I did notice that day after the last treatment I was sore, I would say it can cause issues ok. Like the nose, they might just give me prescription and send me away. My bloods are okay and the blood count as well. I asked the prof that recently. I did ring the gynae liason nurse this morning and she said if there was anything to be found gp would have found it, I have to let her know when I get the apt so the prof can speak with the gastro doc. Surely they can check Aprils ct instead of proding and poking and giving me that horrible drink. Yes its very cold again tonight. Went to Mooncoin and walked around Dungarvan on the way home. Actually we wanted a cuppa but ended up going to Lawlors and charged outrageously for a sambo and tea. My son and daughter in law to be dont exactly go to any trouble for us. Lucky to get a cuppa from them and they are waited on hand and foot in our house. When are you off to Milan, yes it should be a lot warmer than here.!!!!! Looking through summer clothes yesterday so took out a few long linen pants.

  • Had to giggle when you said you would be lucky to be offered a 'cup of tea' : that is no how real Waterford people behave. Some of us ladies would be upset if thought we were 'odd'. WOW; Mooncoin & Dungarvan - next time you are in D'garvan - go to The Tannery and give the bill to your son: you will definitely be getting the tea in their house when you call again.

    Hope the health issues improve. My bone are very bad at present - pain, so using prescription plasters with Lidocaine- can't even walk. What a crock i'll be Milan - but was advised to get a walking stick. The damned chemo & avastin has taken its toll.

    Not complaining though, as I'm really looking forward to trip & opera.

    Talk soon,


  • Well we did stop for lunch on way down and would normally stop in Garveys for petrol and a cuppa and the obligatory puff not me. But we did have a lovely walk around the harbour. I think just dont pass Garveys next time, lesson learned. I am sorry that the aches are in the bones, that is tough going but maybe the heat in Milan will do you all the good in the world. Epsom Salts in the bath are good at relieving pain. We unfortunately got rid of the bath years back but I soak the feet in a basin for about twenty minutes with epsom salts and warm water and they say it adds magnesium to the body. I think it helps When we go away for a weekend I do take advantage of the bath and bring some salts with me. The Carbo can be very hard on the bones anyhow and on the feet. I wear runners for support or sketchers are lighter for Milan. My sister is going for her epidural in July and hopes to get some relief. Like you she cant enjoy walking anymore. She decided against the op for the moment. We do get repercussions from the Chemo and Avastin and its not easy.

  • Ah, I forgot about Garveys. Do you know, when I used travel to Waterford on a regular basis for work : Garveys was out stop for coffee. We used to joke & call it Garveys Gourmet Diner - as we thought someone in headoffice would come down to check it. A good venue to stop though and always has nice sandwiches/rolls & cakes!!! yum.

    Do let me know how your sister gets on with her epidural as the benefits of mine have worn off, after a few weeks.


  • In fairness it is very clean but they dont do the Munster Express so we stop at the shopping centre to get that on the way down. The petrol is cheaper there too. There is a new stop in Leamybrien, AppleGreen and my son says its better than Garveys so we might stop there another time. They stop there on way up as its on their side of the road.

  • Hi Suzuki,I too have problems but I've noticed foods which make it worse,like cranberry cookies! I take Movicol for constipation which is a God send,Daisies gave great advice about the Vaseline.I think it's wonderful your GP is so clued in,at least you know ,nothing will get out of hand.I hate the bloody colonoscopy though ha ha .enjoy your weekend x

  • Thanks AnnieH1. I did ring gynae nurse today and she said well any type bleeding needs to be investigated, But OC wasnt screaming at her so I am to chillax. Guess what now went to the loo and no blood today. Prob same issue as the nose as they are all mucous membrane. , I got those suppositories and have only used two so far. Was on a long drive today so a little uncomfy. I am not constipated I use juice every day but have stopped that for shop juice for the moment, I have to wait and see what the gastro doc says and if he wants to do biopsy might have to stop Avastin but I am to get back to her when I get apt, Gp said I have to keep apt even if it has cleared up. Thanks again for the reply

  • Hello - I can understand how you felt about the colonoscopy - I was so stressed, that I got pre - relax meds and then the injection to relax me more: if only they would give us more of that at times.


  • Yes we could all do with some of that at times. There are people in my house who dont need anything like that. I am told that the drink and its effects are the worst part of it all. So hopefully will see gastro doc and they may decide I dont need this, I can live in hopes haha. It doesnt work that way does it/

  • hi Suzuki,

    I've had and am having ( sore bum ) the same and 2 colonscopys later had very minor piles so for me its just down to Avastin . I have issues on a daily basis since sept 2013, I was out today with my family and had to disappear for a while into the loo to sort it out and take immodum. Sometime I have to take laxatives - I did find out to my horror that cabbage is NOT my friend.

    For me its trial and error ! I notice if I up my consumption of breads but not too much its better and if I a lot drink juices or smoothies I'm in trouble. I'm a veggie so I have to be extra careful.

    So all in all i think its the treatment ( for me anyhow )

    I keep a drug bag at home, in my handbag and at work so I have all the necessary drugs on tap- even having them makes work in particular easier to cope with.

    I have not gone to work some days because it so unpredictable , so lucky for me I can arrange to work from home.

    Hope it works out for you , this is what this forum is about -discussing issues associated with our cancer and treatment. The reassurance that you have given me is priceless - even if its not the most pleasant of issues and some folk suffer with it and others won't, it needs to be discussed as its a real side affect. we can help one another as someone will have a valuable tip that will make our lives that little bit better.

    My friend said to me ( she had leukaemia ) that the drugs are nicknamed 'stoppers and starters'- I thought this was a funny but a true turn of phrase.

    you take care of yourself and hope you find a method that will work for you.

    kind regards and hope you have a good weekend

    Sinead as someone will have a valuable tip that will make our lives that little bit better.

    My friend said to me ( she had leukaemia ) that the drugs are nicknamed 'stoppers and starters'- I thought this was a funny but a true turn of phrase.

    you take care of yourself and hope you find a method that will work for you.

    kind regards and hope you have a good weekend


  • Thanks so much for that reassurance Sinead, I was going to gp anyhow and just noticed something wrong and thought I would mention it. I was sorry the way it turned out but sure it will be sorted. I like you have immodium and paracetamol in my handbag. I do go on the white bread when things are getting out of hand. That does sort it, you are right. I got pessaries and told keep away from any otc creams so now using petroleum jelly which is helping and which is also harmless. No blood since!!! It seems they will do the colonscopy while on avastin unless they want to do biopsy. I will get them to check my April CT scan when I get the appointment. I think my gp loves inflicting these tests on me. Since 2010 had shoulder arthoscopy which was agonising and then earlier this year ent exam which in the end turned out okay thank god. So kept away from gp until now. I had to go to sort illness benefit as the SW say I am not fit for work so not entitled to jobseekers allowance. So I got the cert and another test. So guess it will be another six months before I go back to gp hopefully. I told him I might as well bring my bed to the hosp. In fact he is the best but very thorough on sending his patients for further investigation. But its something I could do without. am eating okay and enjoying my retirement

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