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Liposomal doxorubicin

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Hi, I was diagnosed with OC 2 years ago and have been on /off on numerous different chemo drugs tax to avastin. I have stage Iv cancer wher eit has spread in nodules to the abdomen and lungs.

The cancer was at bay but has now come back and I have ascities again in lower abdomen and some in lung. I am having difficulty breathing but there is not enough fluid for a tap from my lung or abdomen. My oncologist has now put me on Liposomal doxorubicin and is hoping this will clear the ascities build up. Has anyone been on this drug or have similar story to mine.

Hope all are keeping well

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Hi. I haven’t had ascites but was on doxil and carboplatin for first recurrence. I found it quite manageable but you do need to use heavy moisturizer on hands and feet and some kind of mouthwash. I used saltwater but there are prescription ones. I also used ice on hands, feet, and in mouth during the infusion. I was tired and nauseous for a few days after each chemo but then had three good weeks until the next one. My platelets also tanked by day 14 but came back up again by the next chemo. Are you not having carboplatin with the doxil?

Hi,I'm on that drug with another drug , 3 days and nights every 3 weeks. Also have ascities around the abdominal area. I'm only on my third session of chemo but definitely the ascities has slowed down, only look 5 mths pregnant rather than 9 which in did in Jan. I had up to 11 liters removed in 2 days so was absolutely exhausted.

So hoping I don't get any bigger. Again its horrible being out of breath as I find, I have energy for 15 /20 mins then need time to recover again.

I hope your doing well .

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