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Clinic Visit Update Re Results

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Hello Ladies,

Thank you all for such kind support. It gave me the strength I needed (I am normally good with visits) but this time was different as I experienced pain in the pelvic area and my spine was weak. The good news is, the CT scan and Mri seemed to be fine, there was no progressive signs regarding the nodules in my abdomen or no tumours on the spine. However, my markers have risen since April from 115 to 311 which concerned me and I spoke to my Oncoligist said I was anxious and also the pain factor. Im currently on a Arimidex its one tablet a day its a hormone blocker usually administered to breast cancer patients..but my amazing Oncologist always thinks outside the box and he wants me to remain on it for now. The pain he thinks is a result of scar tissue or else it is something that doesnt show up on scans so in a few months time he will repeat the scan. My spine is quite weak from the drugs but he will refer me to another consultant to examine further. So ladies, I will be celebrating life as it is and living it to the best of my ability!! Im Stage 4 but a stage is only a number..I will never be defined by that!! 💚

13 Replies
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Hi love,

It is just a number and a positive attitude is the mind set that helps us all.

Really glad you have a good onc you have faith in, don’t have any experience of what you are on, but I’m sure one of the fabulous ladies on here will have advice and help, you are in the right place😀

Or any other information or even second opinion help,you can always contact the nurse on site.

I know you don’t necessarily want to be here, but the help and welcome is second to none,

Wish you all the best for the future,


Carole xx

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bquinnx in reply to Caroles1

Ah thanks Caroles1 im 5 years down the line and have been involved with Ovacare for quite a few years now have the knowllege and support aplenty its the anxiety of the results is all. Im representing Ovacare at the EPCP next Fri 8th/Sun 10th in Belgium (Brussels) its all taken care of so im honoured. Knowllege is power xx

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Caroles1 in reply to bquinnx

Oh well done!, you must be proud of that, good luck and all the best,

Carole xx

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Sounds like your Onc is on the ball. Great that he will refer you to a specialist for your spine. Fingers crossed they can sort something. Pain can wear you down so much. I am also stage 4 but I refuse to let that define me. But I was very shocked recently to read a form from my Onc for work and under long term prognosis she wrote “Recurrent ovarian cancer cannot be treated for cure. We are treating for disease control, quality of life and survival time.” Very hard to read in black and white. That was about a month ago and it took me awhile to regain my positivity that I’ve always had and also it’s hard to talk about. I haven’t really told anyone.....until now. But I’m going to stay positive as best I can and I’m determined to beat this beast. Better get some sleep now or I’ll be a bag of cats tomorrow. Have a lovely bank holiday. Hope the sun is shining everywhere. Carpe Diem.

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bquinnx in reply to Toni16

Toni I know exactly how u feel ive read similar letters about me..and I this really ME? but we need to not let any letters or category define us because each of us are different and unique..not to be defined by generic text book wording. You are you only xxxx We got Cancer but Cancer hasnt got us!! Mindset Rocks 😊

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Every blessing to you - enjoy the gift of each day as it comes! And you're so right - 'stages' are just numbers. It's attitude I believe that overcomes that. Thank you for sharing - it's really helpful to me.

I think your attitude is fantastic, enjoy Brussels you are bringing with you a wealth of experience as a patients and I know you will also bring us back some information,

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bquinnx in reply to

Thank you I will do my best xx Knowllege is power!!

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So pleased you had good news, great to here! Jo xx

Hi, Just read your up date and glad to read there is no progressive signs this can only be a good thing also to have a oncologist who can think out of the boxes great.

Yes a number is just that and I'm sure with your attitude it will stay that way take care Lorraine xx

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bquinnx in reply to lorraine71-Australia

Thank you so much Lorraine. So relieved!! Xx

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Hi bquinnx

Sorry for late reply. I have a rare type of ovarian cancer but I have been taking arimidex since January.I am due a ct in July so I won't know until then whether it is working for me but I haven't had any major side effects with it except some tiredness in the beginning.

Delighted to read that your scan is fine That is good news. I love your positive attitude Keep well and best of luck x

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bquinnx in reply to Limerick65

Thank You so much! The worst side effect for me is the artritis but this is from 5 years of treatment on and off. I will take it!! 😊 its all good x

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