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Research project Belfast

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We have been approached by a Nurse from Belfast doing a research project developing an exercise intervention for ovarian cancer patients. Please see below and let me know if you would like to be put in touch with her.

I am a lecturer in nursing currently undertaking my PhD. The purpose of my study is: To Implement an exercise intervention for women with ovarian cancer.

We wish to implement an exercise intervention which women will find beneficial and enjoyable.

One of the initial stages in this study will involve developing the intervention with women who have undergone treatment for ovarian cancer.

We hope to do this through two half-day workshops which will take place at a location and date which is suitable for those taking part.

There is no limit in relation to the length of time since treatment, therefore, any woman who has received treatment for ovarian cancer can take part is they wish.

Therefore we are eager to establish contact with women who have undergone treatment for ovarain cancer and would like to take part in our workshops.

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Hi. I would be interested in an exercise program but I’m based in Dublin.

I would be interested in an exercise programme. I too am based in Dublin and am 16 years post surgery and treatment for Ovarian Cancer.



Hi I am based in clare and I would be interested.

Hi I’m definitely interested but I’m all the way In West Cork so will depend a little on logistics!

I would be interested in the exercise programme, living in the killarney area,

I would too, in dublin

I would be interested, I am based in Galway.

Hi. I would be interested. I’m based in Kilkenny. Thanks

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I am sending you all details by PM of the contact for this study. If you have any issues contacting her please let me know.

I'm also interested. Currently based in Dublin, relocating to North Tipp.

Please link in with details of exercise intervention study

I am interested

I am based in North Cork

I would love to participate but I am based in England so the only way is over skype etc. However, I am regularly exercising anyway, was doing that for years before my cancer diagnosis.

Hi I would be interested

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