2nd recurrence

Hello everyone

I haven't posted in some time but I've been keeping up to date on the posts and the lovely encouragement and support shown to all in this community.

I finished 2nd line (carbo, cyclophosphamide + avastin) on January 12th. In actual fact, for the last 4 sessions I only had carbo due to very low platelets, haemoglobin and neutrophils. I began to feel bloated late January and CA125 went from 29 to 85 to 210 in 3 weeks. So.........I had a scan on Feb 23rd and it showed further spread in peritoneum with ascites. I'm starting a new chemo today called Topotecan as I'm now deemed platinum resistant and while I'm grateful that there are still treatment options for me, I am feeling very daunted...........


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  • I hope Topotecan works for you I asked about it but my oncologist said it only had a 5% success rate, good luck xxxx

  • Hi Juliet55, I am so sorry you didn't get any reprieve from your last chemo it is news we don't want to hear. I am now on my third recurrence and I am on Topotecan given over five days. I find The chemo easy enough but it is playing havoc with my bloods and of course the dreaded fatigue. My marker started falling after my first cycle and it has been dropping with each cycle I just finished my 5th cycle today and am five weeks behind due to port infections and it still dropped so keep the faith and I am sending you a big virtual hug. Kittie

  • Ah thank you Kittie! I'm having Topotecan and Avastin every two weeks for 3-6 months subject to my response. I was told today at the hospital that the treatment is not as tough as carbol/taxol but fatigue is the big one...........

    Right back at ya with the hug!

    Juliet x

  • Sorry can't offer any advice on the treatment but sending you love. I know this is very daunting but it is important to talk about your fears and also it is maybe time to look at getting a second opinion on your case. The Care Oncology clinic in London seems to be popular on some of the forums I am on. Hugs xo

  • Thanks Julie

    I'm in Dublin so the London clinic is not an option for me....but I actually have great faith in my oncologist- I've been attending him since 2001 when I had breast cancer. That being said, I'm open to suggestions - why do you think I might get a second opinion?

    Juliet x

  • Dear Juliet

    Although I read posts every day I haven't posted for a while either. When we met at coffee morning you looked good and you were very positive . I'm sorry to hear that it spread to the peritoneum. I will pray that the new drug will be the answer and that it will start to work quickly for you. This disease is such an evil pest but we don't give in and in keeping with the weekend rugby matches we will kick it to touch ! I have my first post chemo appt on Wed with my gynae who is a lovely gentleman. I'm angry at not being given Taxol with the Carbo last time but it's not directed at him. Anyway please keep in touch and let us know how you get on. I will post after Wed. See you at the next coffee morning in zDublin. Not sure when that is of if date fixed yet. . Take care


  • Would you let me know when the next coffee morning is in Dublin please as I would love to come along and meet you all. It's only a run down the road for me xo

  • Hi Julie

    Of course, would love to meet up with you too and exchange information!


  • Thanks Molly and good luck on Wednesday. How are you doing?

    I haven't heard anything about the next coffee morning in Dublin either.....I'll check with Sharon/Ruth in Ovacare.

    Take care Molly!

    Juliet x

  • Hi Juliet

    I'm totally anxious as usual coming up to the appointment and trying to keep busy. Of course the central heating boiler breaking down on a bank holiday weekend is concentrating my mind very much. I just rang the first plumber I know and he is hundreds of miles away at a wedding ! I'm waiting for another one to ring me back . His number had changed so I rang his wife who is a busy hotel manager and instead of giving me his number she said she will get him to ring me back . When ? Help ?

    Anyway Juliet as you can see it's good to worry about little things sometimes. I looked up the Ovacare website last night to see if it had date for coffee morning but I couldn't find it. Then I came across what I think was the video recording of the recent Cork patient day . As it was really late I just watched very interesting nutritionist. I'm looking forward to looking at the rest of the speakers over the next few days . Will keep you in my prayers and take care. 💛💚


  • Hi juliet55 sorry to hear your news, I am in a similar sisuation. The cancer has reactivated, awaiting results of ct scan. I had chemo and surgery last year. They are talking about radiation. Did y or any of the ladies have radiation. Take care.

  • Hi Julia

    So sorry to hear this........it can be so difficult sometimes to come to terms with this disease! I haven't had any radiation, the cancer returned to my peritoneum, so I don't think it's an option to have radiation........


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