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2nd Chemo

Hello All and I hope you are all enjoying the first few days of 2016!!!

I had my second Chemo today, bloods were fine and I didn't have any reaction!! Woohoo!!! Third of the way through now.....Happy days! !!

Hair gone.....was falling out all over the place at the weekend so got it shaved on Monday! Won't lie it wasn't easy but I had gotten my hair cut short a few weeks ago so it wasn't as bad as I had thought!!!

Few rotten days ahead but will get through to them and by the end of January and another Chemo I will be half way through!!

Hope you are all good!



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Hi D. Very glad your second session went ok. It's a hard thing to deal with the hair loss but if you can imagine the chemo destroying your hair cells - just imagine too how effective it's being on your cancer cells!! stay strong!! X


Well done. Know you will have a few rough days, so use those days as 'being nice to yourself'.

As Missfitz said, if it gets our hair just think what it is doing to the tumours. I am only finished the hard chemo 6 was and my hair is growing already....waves and all. On Avastin only and trying to get a new routine set in my life...exercise etc. Not allowed to book a holiday yet until next scan is done...that is my only moan.

Thinking of you.

Daisies xx


Hi D, I am glad you got through your second round okay. The hair is a small price to pay in the end and you know it will come back when all is done, I wish you the best and your spirit is definitely there to fight everything that comes your way. Best wishes

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hhhh iam just leave hospital hhhhhh yep 2016!!!! i hope i will made it and become free form cancer hhhh believe me very bad diseased and its just depressed i lose my hair and i become weak plus all day just vomiting hhhh my white blood cell hhh decrease i take neutromax injection four time in two weak hhhh and pain hhh the pain always i life on relief pain medication and now i can not walk hhh iam on bed hhhh2016?????


Well done! and best of luck with rest of treatments!



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