How long after your last dose of chemo does it take to start feeling somewhat normal again.....or it that just a dream I'm having?

I've been on this roller coaster ride since Feb. 18, 2015 when I was diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer. I'm so thankful to God that I've rebounded after having so many rounds of taxol/Carbo, debulking surgery, re admitted to hospital with small bowel obstruction. My last CT scan showed clean, my CA 125 went from 896 to 25. I just had, hopefully, my last chemo on Sept 29. I'm having a PET scan on this Wednesday. Needless to say, I'm terrified! I'm am so physically worn down.....after 8 months...I'm just ready to hear Its over. I would love to think I would have some energy back by the holidays. Am I being overly optimistic?

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  • HI KabRN Sorry to hear you are on this journey but hopefully that is the last of chemo for quite some time. Your ct scan and 125 markers are all good so try not to worry about the petscan, Of course it is natural to feel down and tired after surgery and chemo but no one actually tells you that in the hospital. Once done, then, you are tired confused, and feel so alone without the routine of going to oncology unit every three weeks, This is the time you start taking care of you, you get support from Macmillan Nurses in UK, your gynae liason nurse or a Cancer Support Group near you. All is confidential and run by trained counsellors and listening staff, It is good to talk to some one outside your family in a safe environment. Some ladies recommend Penny Brohn in UK, they run courses which are invaluable. If you are feeling overwhelmed too much do go and talk to your gp. Wishing you the best for Wednesday.

  • Thanks for your reply. I live in the U.S. so unfortunately can't access those Nurses and support systems. I am very overwhelmed right PET scan showed that everything had cleared with the exception of a lymph node right under my rt lung and some thickening of the lower lung. I'm set for a biopsy next week then will get on two different chemos from what I was on. I just feel like I'm riding a roller coaster that I can't get off of. The strange thing is that I'm feeling better right now than before all of this started.

  • HI there, yes it is a roller coaster ride, and it feels so bad. I am sorry you dont have any support systems available to you. There is an American Cancer Society and also a group on facebook, which is mainly american streamed, its called Teal Ladies. I am sure if you are on face book you could ask to join, its a secret group so none of your friends will be able to see the posts. Well you have this site and we are all very supportive to each other. I know what you mean, I felt I was okay before I started treatment and that it was the chemo not the illness making me sick. Well the pet scan wasnt too bad but of course you are worried about the lymp nodes. I wish you well with your biopsy and hopefully the results wont be as bad as you fear.

  • That is very good news to hear you are in remission.

    When I heard that I was in remission after going through treatment back in October 1999, I was so relieved and yet at the same time very scared. I'd been told by some that it wasn't a case of "if" I would recur, but when. Although after hearing that I was rather despondent, then gave myself a little kick and thought to myself, just because I was expected to recur didn't have to mean that I would, so I dug in my heels and did everything I could 'for myself' to help stop the cancer returning. I was on a mission:-)

    I follow the Budwig protocol (albeit loosely:-) and use a zapper, as per Dr Hulda Regher Clark. I also started taking some supplements after finishing treatment. After an initial Ca 125 at 9,800, my Ca 125 sits around 7 to 11 today. I believe exercise, e.g. walking 4 miles a day, has boosted my spirit and my body!

    Keep on being very determined to beat it, and believe in your heart that you will. I know it's very hard to beat down the 'expectations' of others (even the Dr's), so hang in there and keep on fighting. Make sure that you always have something to look forward to and challenge yourself daily.

    Good luck - and take good care of yourself.


  • Sandy , I hope you don't mind me asking what stage you were at initially I have just read your post , a really good post many thanks x

  • I was diagnosed with Stage 1V Ovarian cancer, also had massive pulmonary embolisms at diagnosis, then on oxygen and Heparin while in hospital - later took Coumadin (Warfarin) during treatment. After treatment was done, I no longer had to take Coumadin. Even while taking coumadin I threw a blood clot in my leg so had to have Warfarin injections for a week .... scary times! Because of the embolisms surgery wasn't advised right away, so had 3 chemo's prior to surgery, then 6 more after (Taxol and Carboplatin). I was in remission after the 5th post-surgery chemo, but took the last one as extra insurance (I called it the consolidation treatment:-) . Fortunately chemo wasn't really hard on me and looked forward to each one, believing it would get rid of the cancer. I even made a new outfit for every chemo session (crazy huh?)

  • Mine is stage 4 also....I too was looking forward to every treatment....seemed very weird since I was plagued with fatigue. I'm just praying that this new treatment will kill the damn cancer once and for all!!!!

  • Sandy what is a zapper and what supplements do you use, I have heard about the Budwig diet and Gerson therapy. Thank you, your story is indeed inspirational

  • A zapper is a simpler version of the Rife Machine. It was introduced by Dr Hulda Clark, author of "The Cure for All Cancers". The plan on how to make a zapper was included in her book. It operates on a square wave frequency that supposedly kills parasites, bacteria viruses. I wear a moistened pad on each wrist. From each pad, a wire comes out that enters a small box holding the circuitry for the zapper. There are many places on the net to buy one - my son made mine 16 years ago and I continue to use it 5 days a week (Mon-Fri). I hope this helps.

  • I so agree and that was my plan....unfortunately the PET Scan showed a lymph node and some thickening in my lower lung next to the node....will get a biopsy next week and different chemo.

  • Hi, suzuki has given you great advice and Sandy's story is inspirational in itself. Don't worry if you have to seek help once treatment has finished, a lot of us do. I did in the form of medication from GP as well as counseling via the Macmillan Centre here in Belfast. My Cancer Focus counselor was great and easy to talk to. Also, don't be surprised if frequent visitors whilst you were going through treatment suddenly stop calling, they here that you no longer have any evidence of the disease and automatically assume you are well again, back to the way you were before all this began! I don't think you ever go back to that, you do get better but you are different, have different values etc.

    With your results, I'm sure your scan will be fine. Good luck. Ann x

  • I've not been to a cancer support nor on medication and feel like I definely need to find a group. For now, it encouraging to hear from all of you. I agree, the friends are there just not "around" like before CA!!😩

  • Give yourself some time. The residual of the chemo can take awhile to leave your system. Everyone is different. I was diagnosed stage IV in Feb 2014. I was done with chemo in July 2014. Most of the time I feel good. The worst part after was a lot of joint pain. It never stopped me from doing things, just took me a little longer to get going every day. Hang in there, things will get better. And remember, be kind to yourself. I have to remind myself of that all the time. I get mad at myself for not being able to lose weight, but I'm still here. That's the most important thing. :)

  • I was stage 4 too and both physically and mentally exhausted after my treatment plan (similar to yours) and at that point I did make contact with the professionals to help me get over the hill. I remember chatting to my Oncologist about words to describe me on that day when he was telling me good news. I chose pessimistic and teary then cried because I was never that person. He had noticed a change in me at my last appointment when I was getting signed off and told me it was completely normal and it was the time that it kicks in with most women. I have to say I'm glad it happened on that day and I didn't just try to carry on. I rejected the offer of meds but started counselling. It really helped.

    Sorry I've gone off on one but just trying to help. The physical aspect takes a bit of time but just be really kind to yourself and you will get there. I went for intravenous vitamin injections for a couple of months and on reflection do think they helped. There are so many emotions to deal with on this journey and I've often said I could win an Oscar for my performances when I'm trying to keep my children positive and upbeat.

    Take care and remember it won't happen overnight but you WILL get there xo

  • I've not been to a cancer support nor on medication and feel like I definely need to find a group. For now, it encouraging to hear from all of you. I agree, the friends are there just not "around" like before CA!!😩


  • Within a month I felt much better. It's been 6 mo since my last chemo. Now just waiting for my hair to grow back. After my 4th week of tax/carbo it started to fall out. My hairdresser suggested she shave my head. What a tramatic experience that was. I bought a wig and you can't tell it's not my own. Growing little by little. At least now it is much thicker and now I have somewhat curly hair.

    Prayers to everyone.

  • Thank you all for the comments of encouragement...I was starting to reply to everyone but decided it better to just update my post. My Stage 4 OC looked like it was in remission per CT scan and last chemo was on Sept PET Scan showed a lymph node under my rt lung that looked suspicious along with a thickening of the lower lung. I'm having a biopsy next week then start on another course of chemo. This was not what I was seeing for my future. I'm trying to be positive but it's so hard after 8 months.

  • Sorry to hear about the PET scan results. Good luck with biopsy and further treatment. Ann x

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