Chemo 2 of round 2

10 days in and all going better than last month! A new drug in the body doing its work hopefully, but boy it made me unwell last month. This time round I am more aware of the signs when things are going belly up and I know what to do. I suppose that is the secret! With my 8 treatments of Carbo/platinum I felt I was in control and ready for all the symptoms but Caelyx is a different animal! Pretty tough on the old tum tum but we are learning to respect each other! Cant stop thinking of food but, have to eat small and often. So, all those lovely meals out I had on carbo/plat last year cannot continue with Caelyx. Pity, I enjoyed the lovely grub and took every opportunity to dine out.

Other than that, I am now in my regime and life is good! The cold weather seems to be gone and I can't but be enthuasistic about spring and the growth that is about to happen after this rain!.

What a different life I lead now with cancer. In my former life I taught full time and had lots of outside activities as well. I was always wishing to have more time for the garden etc and time to read. Now, I pray for the energy to be able to work in the garden, have my walk and I definitely think that a days work was easier than trying to keep myself healthy and fit during chemo.

Then again, life could be much worse so onwards and upwards we go enjoying every moment that we can!

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  • You will get there just get through this treatment and please god the recovery will start. When going through chemo everything is so hard. Its not a treatment for the faint hearted thats for sure stay strong and look to the future that is life after all this treatment.

  • Tanx Cath. keep well!

  • Thanks its like the song "one day at a time sweet jesus" heard that on the radio last week when I was feeling a bit stressed and down. Not sure if you know it. It really helped me when I heard the words. There is a line in the song "show me the mountain I have to climb lord for my sake teach me to take one day at a time" Well chemo certainly is a mountain !! I think going through cancer treatment can bring out the spiritual side. I really wish you well it is so hard and sometimes all this be positive which I know you need to be and its important dont get me wrong but I also believe it is ok to say this is tough it helps. I know I had my breakdown on chemo 2 could not stop crying plus it coincided with losing my hair and my 41st birthday was that day but in a way it got my sadness out of my system and I was not as bad for the other appointments. Feel for you.

  • Hi Poohbah. It is strange to get used to a new drug regime, but hopefully you will get used to side effects and cope. Our lives certainly revolve around drugs and hospitals, but cath40 uses the song 'one day at a time' I treat life with the saying ' I am still looking at the daisies from this side'. It helps me. On Avastin only now, every 3 weeks, and can't believe that I feel so well with little or no side effects. Keep strong.

  • yes I do feel strong and am in this fight one hundred percent. Kath, I know that song and will listen to it again. I love the daisies analogy- great one to keep in mind! Keep it up there Daisies!

    just watching the unfolding news from the explosions in Boston. That is one thing that just astounds me having looked at the prospect of death - the absolute futility of killing all over the world and us here trying to hold on to life. Just makes you wonder about it all.

  • HI Poobah, I am glad that things arent so bad this time around and long may it stay that way for you. My first chemo was bad, and they told me in the hospital, I would never feel that way again, on looking back, they were right. You are right to stop and smell the roses. We dont do that often enough. I went back to work last week and hoping for the best for the bloods in June. Daisies and Cath are right one day at a time and I think I have applied that to other parts of my life too. Like you I am thankful I am well enough to do the things that interest me. Am dubious about being back at work, I just do part time, and I often wondered if the shoulder was telling me to quit but then I would be afraid I would quit entirely. As hubby is at home retired, it is probably better for me to be out. I do appreciate being well enough to go to work and do other things like taking a break away now and again. I like walking with my dogs and reading and of course the net, where would we be without it. I am also grateful to be looking at the daisies as Daisies says.

  • Hiya Suzuki, It is hard to be at home with husband all the time. I certainly find that and you know the doctors think working etc is good when you are well enough for it. I don't miss the actual work but I do miss the stimulus from work colleagues so, you need to think of those things if you decide to stop working. You are in a strong position in that you work part time and it might suit your boss if you want to cut back a bit more but not completely. So , I would say go back and see how you feel after a couple of weeks and if it is too much look at cutting back to 1 or 2 days a week. Its hard to know what is the healthiest option for us but put yourself number 1 and do what makes you happiest. It is great that u are well and clear at the moment so that's the most important thing to maintain

    If it is possible for you, try to have 2 sitting rooms (1 for him and 1 for you)! Best way to avoid hassle, have peace and choose your own programmes!! My parents did that eventually and I see my sisters at it too. For me, it is nice to have one room that I can relax in and control the remote! I also hate tv during the day so when my husband retires there will be some negotiating to be done! Ah, life is never simple!

  • Hallo there, you are right, life is never simple is it. I have gone back to work for my 3 days but now find there is a staff meeting for strategic planing on Thurs so decisions might be out of my hands, My employer a Credit Union has also suffered during this recession I am not really bothered the way I look at it is I have had worse. My hubby is retired for a bit so it was hard to get used to him around the house especially if I was out sick from work. We havent killed each other yet though. I have three cavaliers and I walk the eldest as she is easier hubby takes the other two more lively ones. We go at different times. I would imagine you miss the interaction but could you call for a cuppa at break time. A friend of mine in Kildare has a form of Leukaemia and went back teaching after her last spell of treatment and she has actually got a good break so far and long may it last. She would lose out either way by staying on or leaving as she needed more years for her pension. Do you think you will be able to make the Information day at the end of the month

  • work is 30 miles away from my home so not easy to drop in. However, I have 3 v good friends from work who have been a great support to me and we have been away together when I was good last autumn. I have also been to staff occasions and the principal makes a big effort to include me. It is the little things you miss like talking clothes , kids, the comraderie that comes with working together that I miss..

    unfortunately I am unable to make cork on the 27th. Between family and my social life (wow) I just cant get away. I am from Longford so hopefully there will be one in Dublin soon that will be easier for me to get to.

    Anyway, stay well and I am now into the good part of my month so time to get out there and live!!

  • Great to have friends to connect with, what would we do without them. Yes its a long way for you to travel and there are other things to do so you are right. Glad you or on the good side of treatment cycle and make sure you give yourself a little treat.

  • Hi Everybody, just to say, enjoyed the Ova care Information Day in Cork Radisson yesterday. Thank you to Ova care for providing lunch and refreshments. A big thank you to the speakers who gave their time and energy to address us Ovarian Cancer Patients and we came home with some new information. There seems to be exciting news about Avastin for recurrences. We also had a talk on nutrition and the message is plate three quarters full with veg, drink plenty of water and eat fruit. There is ongoing research into this illness by Break Through Cancer. Also forgot to mention the patient who told her story. Well done to her and also well done to all of us patients some who made a huge effort to be present. Unfortunately some people were unable to attend due to feeling unwell but hopefully they will make the next information day.

  • Hi Suzuki,

    seems to have been very worthwhile. Will have to ask my oncologist on Friday about that exciting news on Avastin for recurrences! I had a great weekend even though I woke this morning dreading next chemo on Friday! C'est la vie!

  • Well the way to look at it is that this is your third chemo so you are getting there thank god. There was an onocologist from Waterford who was very positive on trials for Avastin, it seems it was available then withdrawn due to its expense but is up for grabs now again. It would be nice if there was an information day in the midlands. Maybe Ovacare might consider having the next info day there. For some reason yesterday and today, I felt that while information gleamed was worthwhile,seeing part of my medical team reminds me that this is always there in the background. Hope you enjoyed the weekend the weather wasnt bad here. What you should do is promise yourself a treat after this upcoming treatment, a little break or catch up with friends or even a walk or a drive on your own when you are up to it

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