Pea size tumor beetles my scar and belly bottom

Hello Ladies,

I am 3 week after my first carbo/caelyx. Still in bad form and next chemo is Thursday the 1st.

I see my doctor every week now. I'm just back from hospital now. My blood tests weren't great. White cells were on quite dangerous level, and doctor sad I'm lucky I didn't get any bad infection. She has changed my neulasta single shot into 12!!! shots given for 12 days between each chemo 😭

But that's not the worse thing. I found 2 days ago a little lump next to my belly button. I was hoping that could be scaring from surgery, even I didn't feel it before, and I'm sure it wasn't there. Doctor confirmed it's a cancer, and is present on my ct scan done back in September. Was very small at that time, so no one has noticed it on ct. So my further treatment is not sure now. I will get second round of chemo next week and then ct scan at the end of December. And then doctor will decide what we do next. Anyone else has experience with that kind of situation?

Also even bloating improved I have a pain in my stomach. I feel like cancer is there as well. Doctor says the stomach is irritated by caelyx and steroids. She gave me more tablets to protect stomach. Anyone else had a stomach pain on carbo/caelyx.

What other surprises are waiting for me. I'm so upset and devastated.


Janeta xx

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  • Hi Hairless Beauty, I am so sorry you are having such a hard, I can't give you any advise about your situation but I am sure some lady will be able to help. I start my new chemo plan next Monday but thankfully I will only have to have one Neulasta injection on day 6. I hope when you go back in next week things will look brighter for you and you will continue on your treatment. You are a very strong woman and all I can say to you is keep fighting and show your Cancer who is boss. I am sending you a Virtual Hug. Kittie.

  • Janeta, sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. I had that combination a few years ago and found it difficult. I had pain in the tummy like you describe the only thing that helped me at that time was home made rice pudding. I don't know how or why it worked but it did. Shop bought rice pudding did not work. It had to be made slowly on a cooker. Put pearl rice in a saucepan add cow's milk and let it simmer until well cooked, adding extra mil as required until the rice is soft. A few spoonfuls of that worked for me every time when the pain killers did not work.

  • I am sorry the Chemo is knocking you for six, look you only had one treatment so far so it is far too early for it to work. I believe some people find the 125 rises before it comes down. I would wait and see and try not to worry, I know that is easy for me to say. There are other treatments there as well so if your onc decides this is not doing it for you, he will recommend something else. There is always a plan B. All I can do is send you a hug

  • I had the bump near the belly button thing at my original diagnosis - it was the ascites fluid pushing everything out! The cancer was dotted all over my peritoneum but chemo melted it away, so hope this happens for you and the mysterious bump goes. All the best - easier said than done, but try not to let your brain imagine the worst. x

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