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So here we go again

So 14 months after surgery & finishing Chemo for Stage 3 my Cancer is back this time in the lining of the fatty tissue of my stomach, having noticed a on off stabbing pain in my abdomen mentioning it at appointments for months it took me to ring the liason Nurse with what i thought was a bowel problem (trapped wind kind of pain even though im passing wind and very noticable bloating ) to get a CT done i knew something wasnt right but kept being told my bloods were ok so mot to worry well a few days after my CT my Drs Sec rang to bring my appointment forward and and the before my appointment i got a letter woth my MUGA scan date nice way to find out you are about to start chemo again hey ... So next morning off i go with a horrible feeling of dread to the Oncology Clinic and boom the C bomb went off again ive a recurrence this time in the fatty lining of my stomach some how it feels worse this time maybe because i know whats a head or because i know the impact on my little girl who is making her Communion in April or maybe because i know if this treatment doesnt work ive 12 / 18 months im angry really angry that despite telling my GP i felt sickly like morning sickness but all day angry that i was made feel stupid because my last scan & bloods were fine but mainly im just sad very sad that me and my family are in this position again.

Ladies you know ypur body better than anyone dont let anyone make you feel stupid just because bloods and last scan months ago were fine if you tjink something is wrong chances are it is x

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Hi Tracy, I found being diagnosed with a recurrence was the worst possible news I ever got. So I gather you have a treatment plan in place. You will be able to work the chemo around your little daughters Communion with the help of the Oncology Nurses. They do like to see patients having their time out so they may just delay treatment by a week or so for you around that time. It wont affect the outcome if treatment is delayed by a week or so. May I add I have had a few recurrences since and my illness is managed well enough. Go and speak to your gp and tell him or her how you feel right now. It is better to keep the practice in the loop as regards treatment, I found it helpful. It is okay to be upset right now but I found that I settled a little once treatment started. Sending you a hug today.

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Hi Tracy, I think we are both in the same place, I’m 3c, 14 months out of treatment and have just been through the same thing. My bloods although normal had doubled from 13 to 26, doctor saying no bother but I suddenly felt rotten, like you knew there was something wrong.

I’d just been put on six month check ups as I had been feeling so good. How quickly things can change seems remarkable.

Like you i’m devastated!

We do know our bodies so much better than anyone else. I’ve actually had a doctor tell me I have bigger things to worry about than a few twinges not getting the fact that that is exactly what the twinges are!

My son is 12 so older than your daughter but we have a holiday booked for Easter, we booked it when I was very ill with adhesions last year as something to look forward to. I’m delaying any what’s next decision for two months, the surgeon thinks this will be ok.

I can’t face telling my son. It’s so blinking hard isn’t it? How have you managed?

When does your new treatment start? I’ve been told surgery may be an option again but only if it is confirmed to be in one place (currently looks like two places groin, peritoneum and under diaphragm) if the nodule under diaphragm is confirmed they are too distant for surgery and it will be chemo.

Recurrence is hard, we could both have been in the % not to recur until this point. The realisation we are not is as so many women on here know just awful.

Please let me know how you get on? I’ll be sending positive wishes and a hope that we will both get the best possible treatment with the best outcome!


Lisa x

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I am sorry for you both. I am 15 month out from finishing chemo. I feel like a ticking time bomb. I know reoccurrence is likely for me. I hope to be one of the lucky ones but I’m not good at the lottery.

Wishing you both my prayers and hoped for a long remission after next treatment. There are women who never reoccur after second treatment. The good news is that you have more options since you had a relatively long remission. Please stay in touch and let us know your next steps.

Xx Carol


That’s true Carol, I’m far more aware now of what to ask etc than I was first time around. Mainly from people who have shared there experiences on here.



Hi Tracy felling very much the same, 16 months Ned 3a, been in hospital since Thursday had 6 ltr of fluid drained awaiting CT scan in the morning so looking like the dreaded thing is returning, feeling particularly deflated, thank God for this site, wishing you all the best with your treatment

Loren x

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Hi Tracy,it's a bugger isn't it! I had recurrence 6mts after finishing chemo.I remember crying to the nurse in the chemo unit when I had to go back on chemo.She asked the reason for my tears,I told her I was only 6 mts after chemo,that I hadn't long to live etc,she looked at me and said,"Anne ,your only at the start of your journey,there is so much ammo in the arsenal to fight this disease,so stop worrying." and you know she was right.When it happens of course your seeing a bleak future,your seeing time run out but in reality it's not.My granddaughter is making her communion also in April and I didn't think I'd be there for it,yet I'm still here.xx


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