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Hello Ladies, I was looking forward to getting my last chemo but, alas, it did not happen. My bloods were at 7.8 so I had to have a transfusion. I think we all agree that it's just so draining sitting in the one attitude for so long, but that's the way it has to be. I actually feel a lot better than I have done in the last few days. I have been going to lunch with many different friends that I had not seen in a while. I have came to the conclusion that sometimes all these lunches can be very emotionally draining and I am going to limit them to 2 a week for the time being. I know my friends mean well and i dont want to seem l ungreatfull but I need some time to chill, and I am going to take time for myself because if I don't nobody will give it to me!! I do think of you ladies a lot and I do pray for all of you..

Take care


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  • Hi Damelza,

    Sorry to hear that your chemo couldn't go ahead, I think you're run down too with those low blood results so no wonder you found the lunches too draining at the moment. I'm so impressed that you're limiting the lunches with friends to 2 a week, that's more than I do in a year!!!! Yup I have no friends!! 😀 hubby and I aim to go out for lunch about once every three months!

    It's so important for you to have time to chill, rest and relax so I hope you can do that.

    Take care

    Clare xx

  • I don't believe a word of this Billy No Mates stuff Clare!

  • Hey Damelza,

    Sorry to hear your last Chemo didn't go ahead but now that you have had the transfusion you will feel better and fingers crossed you can tick the last chemo off your list sooner rather than later!

    Mind yourself and take care!


  • Sorry you had chemo delayed. I've had a few transfusions - one made me a bit sleepy so maybe the donor took some sleeping tablets ( it was quite nice in a weird way) and one lot was really envigorating. Anyway I'm sure you will get there with the chemo. Had my last of this lot on Monday, waiting for scan and then to see if I can have an op.... As for lunches I have told friends when I can and can't do stuff - apologising at first about being direct, but they really seem OK with it. Your energy is the priority and any real friends is bound to put that first so I think you did right.

    Take care,


  • Hi Damelza, sorry you didnt get your chemo but its just as well to have the transfusion to give you more energy. It is disapointing with the weekend that is in it but hopefully you will be able to have it within a week or two. I limit myself to one meeting with friends a week, most understand. So they all get turns and it works out well. I found I was too tired and I am not on treatment at the moment, I think you get to a point that you learn to mind yourself and take care of you. So think about that point and work on it. Hoping the Chemo train will be over soon all the best

  • Thank you at suzuki , GoldenGourd, HogwartsDK, and Choski. It's for the best that I had a transfusion. I feel a lot better and my colour is a lot better. We all have to be more kind to ourselves and listen to our bodies. I really appreciate your replies. I hope you all have a good weekend.


  • Hi Demelza,

    A touch of the red stuff always makes you feel better,so I hope the chemo is a go ahead for you and yes, I felt I had to tail down the social functions,just listen to your body and true friends will understand

    Carole xxx

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