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Not my last Chemo

Arrived at hospital today to begin my last chemo on carbo and to have a PET scan.due to staff shortages , I was later than usual getting chemo and they were awaiting an age for bloods to come back,So I started drinking the contrast dye while on chemo and the nurse rang radiology told them I wouldn't be there until 2.30.i said to himself"o.k ,sure we have no agenda for the day and this is my last chemo.The nurse heard me and said,no this isn't your last cycle you have to more prescribed that will take you up to the 9th of December.My heart hit the ground,I can't figure out what's going on at all,the plans change and I only find out when I'm in the middle of treatment and in a vulnerable position.So it looks like I have 2 further rounds of Carbo,I found today and the last cycle that at start of infusion I had a few itchy ares, which went away after 10 mins,so I didn't say anything to the nurse.My fingers are swollen tonight so much so that Inhad to prise the rings off my finger.

To add insult to injury,stopped in a shop on the way home s I had an urge for a nice 99 ice cream cone,but their machine was out of order.

Other than tha I'm good,I've got extra support from the palliative care team who I can ring anytime day or night.ive hired a house cleaner who is fantastic,now all I gotta do is teach himself to cook good healthy,unburnt meals! Have a wonder weekend end girls.hus for all of you.xx

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Hi. Like yourself, I wake early. Anyway, what a rough day you had yesterday : cock-ups & cocktails and then a broken ice cream machine. It must have been a huge shock to hear that you have 2 more cycles to go - while I know you will cope, it is tough to hear the news without any advance notice. Was your Onc around or do you see him/her in his rooms at a later stage. Tell th Onc that you ere upset to hear the news I that manner.

Anyway , the house cleaner sounds like a good idea & allows you save your energy and strength for recovery. Don't worry about good healthy meals - I have survived the freezer surprise. I never label meals for the freezer, so have a surprise when it thaws. Sometimes it may be dessert for main course or soup for dessert /supper.

Take it easy and best of luck the rest of treatment. Did u get the results of the PET scan?

Hugs etc, Daisies


Hi annieH1, what a roller coaster ride you were on yesterday. It must have been a shock to be told your treatment was not over as we all look forward to the last one . Everything seems to be going wrong for a few of us at the moment. I finished mt treatment in July and on more than one occasion since my Oncologist has asked me why he didnt put me on Avastin at the start of my treatment in January if he doesnt know I dont know. Hope you have a good weekend and manage to get a 99 ice cream somewhere but it wont taste the same as it would have yesterday. Daisies I love your pot luck meals it means a surprise every time you thaw something as sometimes if you cook something fresh you dont fancy it when its cooked ( thats me anyway ).Take care Kittie

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Crikey Annie, that is crazy, I wonder what is happening in there, definitely a lack of communication along the time. Who is making the decisions, then again I know the onc does review patients with the nurses before he comes over to Monday Clinic. So perhaps its a joint decision. But I agree, it is not fair to drop this on the patients like a bombshell. I did drop in today to wish some one who was actually finished today and they wondered what was happening with me. In fairness, I got an offer for them to ring the onc to clarify my situation but I just said leave it, I prefer to see him myself. So I am in limbo and maybe I want to stay that way, at the same time part of me was wishing I was finishing too. So this lady brought in a lovely cake with teal icing and I was given a cuppa and bit of cake so we had it together. She has been coming from afar for two years and was so thrilled to be finished. It turns out that her mother and my hubbys late mother could be cousins. I was her chemo buddy today. You would think I had enough of the place. I am sorry your treatment is to be extended but maybe you will get a longer remission, try and think of it that way. I hope you got your 99 today. It is good to have someone to help with the housework. I can manage most of it. Hubby helps out, he used be brilliant years ago army training but fell down on the job since retirement. I would do some cooking from scratch and also take short cuts. Best wishes J


Hi I don't mean it's good to hear but it's good to hear other people are also left in the dark and not told the whole story.my lot are useless I just don't get why it's so difficult to tell you about your treatment I get very frustrated with them.that must have been so disappointing about the ice cream it's awful when you really fancy something and you can't get it.regards carolyn

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Thanks girls for inspiring replies.It is something that knocks you for six,As I said to hubby ,lucky I didn't bring up my large sign,and balloons, with Yahweh I reached my last chemo! Would have to sneak there the next time ha ha.im kinda over the shock now but, I do see it as annoying when some of the patients are not forwarned

Daisies I'll call to you for a good aul funny lunch,you could raise funds for Ovacare with,Guess What we're having for lunch! Hal ha


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