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"1st Chemoversary"

"1st Chemoversary"

Well Ladies,

This day one year ago I finished Chemo! I cant believe it was one year ago the time flies! I am good at the minute living my life as best I can and keeping in touch with you gang of cancer ninjas!!!!

I was at the GP yesterday for bloods as I have my 6 monthly review with the Gynae Onc on the 11th April and I wanted to get a CA125 done for that! I have not had one since I finished Chemo, its not a good marker for me as it was never above the 35 but it was 26 on diagnosis and the last time I asked which was after Chemo 4 it was 6. While I would like to think that its not playing on my mind I know it is but I am trying to put it away in a box until I have to think about it. Some days the fear of recurrence literally hits me like a steam train to the point where it almost takes my breath away to be honest! Every ache and pain every sneeze and twinge makes me think its back! I work very hard to try not to let it get me down but it is great to know that you are all here to listen and know exactly how I feel!

For those of you going through a hard time at the minute I hope you are all ok!

For those of you on the start of your journey I am a year out and life is great so there is light at the end of, what no doubt at the beginning looks like a never ending tunnel!

Onwards and Upwards dear friends!

Carpe Diem!!!


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Great stuff D. 😎. Onwards and upwards and getting on with living each day is the only way. Enjoy every minute. Love Loraine πŸ’™xx


Congratulations. Thank you for your inspiring post. I had my final chemo last Thursday and my first follow up in five weeks. no scans for me as I was NED after TAH. I will request CA125 but it was only 26 on diagnosis and after chemo 15. I think we all fear a recurrence and it is just something we have to get used to.

Your post have given me lots of hope for the future. We all have to enjoy life and not worry about tomorrow. Xx


Congratulations D on your 1 st Chemoversary and may you have many more. You sure have done a lot with you life over the last year ,you are putting us all to shame . Good luck on the 11th. Kittie


Here's to many more years in the NED!

Asma x


Congratulations Dee on reaching your first chemoversary ! Mine will be a week tomorrow so I am close behind but your recovery has been amazing. Keep on doing whacky things and enjoying life to the full.

Hope you had no side effects after climbing Croagh Patrick on Sunday!


Barbara x


Congratulations on reaching this milestone and hopefully, there will be many more to come. Ann xx


Loving the positivity! I have just had my second anniversary,would like to think it gives hope to all,Well done love,many more

Carole xxx


Good for you D. Congrats. I think you can allow yourself to breathe again without fear and concentrate on those great adventures that cheer is all up. Take care and as you say onward and upwards !



And here's to many more anniversaries! Can't give you much advice re the twinges - nearly 6 years on and twinges give me the heebeejeebies for a while! Xx


Great to hear your good news. It is a year since I finished chemo with good results as well. As you said, it is a time to be positive and appreciate the "second chance". Yet in the background there is always a niggle when there is a pain or some other symptoms. We have to be positive but at the same time sensible.

All the best for the future


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That is fabulous, enjoy every moment .


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