Halloween weekend,

Hi Ladies and Gents, I just want to wish you a a lovely weekend with lots of dry autumn weather. I know some of you are going through a hard time at the moment but hopefully the tide will turn and all will level out in time. More of you ladies are on treatment and I wish you well and those of us that are on watch and wait all the best to you too, I was looking recently at a fb page Stripes for Life Eds, and feel so thankful I am doing okay at the moment OC wise. This page is a blog from a young lady who is going through a lot at the moment. She has digestive problems so has a stoma and peg tube. What I have read in the past few weeks makes me feel greatful because this girl has had no life at all, She got ill last night and none of her team were available and the interns came to help her. It was an impossible situation and hopefully when her team came back on this morning she was able to get the care she needed. Yes this was in Ireland with a skeleton staff and inexperienced young doctors. It seems that up to eight months ago, Lauren was able to go to Uk for treatment but now she is too ill. It would make you wonder if the CEO of the hospital cares or even our Minister for Health. I think it was horrendous. So there is always some one in a hospital somewhere needing help and not getting it. So back to me, got a second injection for my hip problem as requested by my physio. I cant tell if the numbness means it is working or if I got it too soon, My opinion is too soon, Again hope you all have a good break this Halloween and best wishes

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  • Oh geese Suzuki !

    That is horrendous.really don't know what to say but will try and access the page,Ithink there are so many cases also because of a higher OC profile which is all good.

    Glad you are doing well at the moment

    Carole xxx

  • Thanks Carole, I was feeling sorry for myself until I saw this girls post and followed it, I do know her Mum. But it just goes to show how badly our hospitals are manned after 5.30. No specialist staff to unblock lines etc. So its not along Oncology is affected, a sad state of affairs

  • Hi Suzuki

    I wish you a lovely sunny autumn weekend too and I also hope that the second injection does what it's meant to do and give you relief from the hip pain. I was lying in bed feeling sorry for myself when I read Lauren's FB page. The bravery of this young girl left me in awe and made me realise that there are so many people worse off than me. Thanks for telling her story . I hope she finds hope in the near future. Take care


  • Hi Suzuki,like MollyO your post has given be the kick up the backside I needed and me feeling sorry for myself because I have a cheat infection. It is horrible in this day and age that a person has to go through so much in order to try and have some quality of life. I hope you have a lovely weekend and you hip is not giving you to much pain.I think those cortisone injections pick who they want them to work for unfortunately it wasn't me so back in to see the Orthopaedic consultant next Friday to see what the next step is. Like you I hope all the Ladies out there are keeping well and I hope to see some of you at the Patients Day next Saturday. Kittie😨👹👻👹👾

  • I just thought I would share because really the staffing levels in our hospitals have to be at an all time low, it is said Lauren has this EDS for many years. It humbled me to think that there are worse things in life than Cancer and she is so young. I do hope she improves enough to be able to travel to UK for better treatment

  • HI Molly O, I just thought I would share her story, maybe some may not like the idea but she is such a brave soul. I hope you are doing ok with treatment and that it isnt too harsh on the system. all the best

  • Hi Suzuki

    I don't think anyone would mind. It certainly stopped me in my tracks . I had gone into a " poor me " spiral of self pity I suppose as I wasnt feeling great . When I read through her FB I was more and more shocked at what she was enduring. It made my 2 more chemos seem quite trivial. Will remind myself when I find it getting too much. Take care


  • Yes indeed, I met her Mum today and she said Lauren is incredibly brave, and putting up with so much she doesnt know how she does it. Laurens reply to her was well Mum a lot of people get sick and have to get on with it. I thought it was a very strong reply from a girl who never really had a life outside hospitals. So you have two more chemos to go, I hope all will go well for you, you are two thirds of the way through so well done. I wont be in Dublin for the Patient Day but hopefully we will meet up another time

  • I didn't realise you knew the family Suzuki. They seem to be wonderful too and a huge support.,I'm not sure I will make it to the patient day as I'm a bit flaky to say the least. I have registered so I need to make up my mind fairly fast . Hope your weekend went well . Enjoy the rest of it..... Take care


  • I hope you have a lovely weekend too Suzuki, and of course all the ladies here. Lauren's story is indeed very sad indeed. I hope your hip doesn't give you too much bother.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Damelza, it is a busy weekend down here with the Jazz not that I was in town yesterday and went for lunch to a pub and there was a really noisy Jazz Band, I hope you are doing okay too

  • Happy Halloween Joan!

    Hope the hip isn't too bad and let's you enjoy your weekend and relax!

    Good luck with the injection and thanks for letting us know about that poor girl she is indeed very brave!


  • Hi D, I really dont know why I mentioned her, I think that reading through her blogs, its showed me that she is going through so much more than me. Apparently Lauren is the only one in Ireland to have this illness and during the week, it maddened me that when she got ill at night, just junior docs and skeleton nursing staff around and they could do very little until her team came back on. Our Health Service in Cork is just pathetic. Well today I got up and took the first Fosavance. So will see how it goes. Got more exercises from the physio, I know I had it a while before I sought help so its not going to be easy to get rid of it. Any how enjoy the rest of the weekend

  • I was reading the FB page and it is heartbreaking! We don't have the health service we deserve in Ireland it's a bit of a disaster in fairness!!!

    I just read a shocking story on FB about a 3 year old girl who was diagnosed with Stage 3 OC.......I just couldn't believe it! She is having surgery to remove her tumour tomorrow and Joan you should see her she is the most beautiful little doll! It's a FB page called Team Emme!

    I was having a little wallow today feeling a bit sorry for myself and then I read this and sorted myself out!!!!

    Be good to yourself!


  • Dee its quite okay to have a bad few hours we all get them, I think you are doing fantastic. Now if you were working for Simon, you would be in a worse way. It really annoys me the CEO of the CUH is out of touch with the floor management and patient management, all they want is empty beds.

  • Joan thank you so much for your post. You are a real rock here - I have had a horrendous weekend but what you said both buoyed me up (Autumn wishes) and kicked me into touch a bit about Stripes for Life and you did right to let it be known more about what things can be like. I also wish you well with the treatment for your hip and hope you have some lovely treats for Halloween.


  • So sorry you are having a bad weekend I think it is part of the course and of course if there is some stuff running longside it, it all magnifies. Thank you for the complement but there were some inspiring ladies on the site when I joined and I also met them at Ovacare mornings and I try to keep on what they were doing in their memory. Best wishes

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