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Chemo 3 of round 2

Day 8 of chemo 3 and doing well. All in all, I think I had 4 bad days last month . So far this month, I am feeling much better and first week was better than last 2 chemos! Brilliant! My body is obviously getting used to this drug and hopefully destroying the cancer. With Caelyx you have a scan after chemo 4 so cant wait for that.

First week of chemo is usually bad but this month I was scheduled to go to the Lion King on Wednesday last. I was determined to make it and I did! yes girls we can do it and most of all I find that I must believe in myself! Its not that people don't encourage you but, sometimes its easy to encourage us to take the easy option and stay at home. (maybe I am wrong) Anyway, I am finished with all that and know now that I have to push myself a bit. Is it a case that we are put in the 'sick' category and should be well behaved patients?? I can't but think that there is a bit of that going on and that I allow it in my head. The truth is that nobody who doesn't have cancer has a clue of what goes on inside our heads!

The Lion King was terrific - one of the best shows I have ever seen! Go to it if you can. The puppets, costumes, music etc just great.

Another problem that I seem to have is should I holiday abroad or at home during chemo? my confidence must have taken some knock because I find myself a bit scared to travel(even though I always travelled at every opportunity!). If I do get sick or whatever, it will be my own fault and maybe it is easier to stay at home - or am I totally idiotic?????????(comments please)

These are my thoughts in this third month- so lucky that I am feeling well enough to have these thoughts!

The big question is I suppose - does one put ones life on hold during chemo? but this is my life and I could be on chemo for as long as I live!!

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In my case I knew it was going to be 3 rounds and I just looked at it as a temporary setback and put my life on hold for those 6 chemo sessions even when it was over I had no interest in going abroad till my hair was back. During treatment though I was out and about going for coffees, shopping and visiting friends. I avoided crowded situations like theatres etc.. when I was a week after treatment as I think that is high infection time. I have 2 kids who were 3 and 4 at the time and I just had to keep going there was no lying low feeling sorry for myself but of course I did hit rock bottom a few times its only natural. Fair play to you going to loin king keep going with what makes you happy it really helps. I would check with consultant about going abroad like previous comments mentioned might not be a good idea insurance wise. Hopefully you will not be on chemo for much long and all scan results will be good stay positive.


Hi Poobah, Glad you feel good and that you enjoyed The Lion King. Yes I believe life is for living. I did take breaks in Kerry during treatment though was told in the hospital that Kinsale was far enough but I did my own thing anyway. I did get a little panic attack on an outing away from the hotel where we normally would stay, and just wanted to go back there but I stuck it out. If you are with Vhi Multitrip for 49 euro will cover you for existing illness in Ireland and abroad for a year. I have gone on trips after finishing chemo rounds and got on just grand. Just keep hydrated, only bottled water and bring a kettle and some Barrys Tea and all will be well. And of course rest when you need to. I believe all these little treats kept me sane while on treatment. Hope the next treatment goes well for you, you are obviously able to manage symptoms very well now and that your scan will show results. The other Irish Health Insurance companies may have a similar multi trip cover if you are will them. Lovely to hear the positive vibes. Have bloods in a few weeks now and then get results, last scan all was stable and I am happy with that. Shoulder aches but I am back at work saving for a holiday at the end of the summer pg.


Thanks for all your comments girls. Much appreciated and yes will confine my breaks during chemo to Ireland. Not worried about the insurance but that vhi one is interesting. Was away last September and November after first set of chemos when I was momentarily clear!! hopefully, I will do plenty of travelling this autumn and winter all going well!

in September last I was in Portugal and in the sea which I had dreamed about during my long stay in hospital. I have always loved swimming and the freedom of movement with no pain was just heavenly! Bring it on again!

I am glad to hear that lack of confidence is not just me 'cos that is v important .

Glad to hear you working away Suzuki - cant believe that shoulder still paining you. Do you swim? It might help to ease it out. hope bloods go well.

Yea, this old cancer is ever present in our heads in some way but it is great to be able to talk to you all who understand. Tanx for that.



Keep those positive thoughts going. yes it is very natural to loose your confidence cancer rattles your whole world. But you will climb above it and get your fighting spirit back, How could they know what goes on inside our heads. Its like everything in life they would have to walk in our shoes. I went to see the Lion King recently in London yes it was fantastic. Don't fret over holidays at the moment its probably best to holiday at home while on treatment perhaps something luxurious that you have always wanted near home, I waited till I was finished last year and my god I did enjoy my sun holiday at that stage and have since been away again in November and am off again in a few weeks. So look forward to that and rest as much as possible for now it will stand to you later. So the best of luck for the remainder of your treatment .


hi there Sheera,

Have organised a break for June and July in Ireland so hopefully will be finished then for a while. I can't complain at all really! Reading comment from Kath I don't know how women with young children go through chemo - it must be very difficult. Luckily, my children are in their 20,s so better able to fend for themselves and do the cooking etc.

Keep well.


Good girl poohbah, thats the spirit we are are better than this bloody cancer. Have a lovely time in June and July on your break.


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