Having chemo but fluid is building up

Got diagnosed with oc in January 2015, started Carboplatin and Paclitaxel 4 rounds of chemo then a operation on the 5/5/2015 then another two rounds went into remission then January 2016 a rise in my ca125 so ct scan and started another six rounds of chemo again carboplatin and calyx a liposomal doxorubicin as a combination therapy but after 5 rounds started to build with fluid again ca125 7 so seen the oncoligist and he said cancer as spread ct scan in about six weeks stop the last chemo and told me to take tamoxifin as any one ever heard of this oral chemo because reading all your posts I see there is quite a lot of chemos I can still have should I changed my oncoligist because my ca125 is 7 like it was a month ago feeling very worried im 56 with 7 children please can any one let me no if they have been through this or something simiar thanks for taking the time to read this love to you all going through this nightmare

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  • HI Rose, some of the ladies on here may be on tamoxofin but unfortunately I am not one of them. If I were in your shoes I would go and get a second opinion. Sometimes our ca 125 can be a false negative or a false positive. It is the scan which shows really what is going on inside. I would suggest you ask your gp for a referral to another oncologist with your records of recent scan and bloods. There are other options for treatment I agree so in that respect, I think my suggestion is worth thinking about

  • Thank you

  • So sorry to read your situation ...but your oncologists will have all the information for you , I am sure . I am not on the Immunotherapy trial yet . I am supposed to be going on it , when it becomes available as suggested by my Oncologist .

    He is engaged with the research . That is all I can really say xx

  • Thanks reading all your posts makes me feel better it's just such an hard battle mine is 3b but body is not responding like most people on here very scared you are a real inspiration good luck I hope it all works well I do believe in this xxx

  • Hi roseanne, I am on tamoxifen tablets, I finished chemo December. Saw my oncologist January my Ca125 had gone down to seven. My next appointment to see my oncologist was end of March, he said my ca125 had slightly risen to nineteen. He wanted me to have a break from chemo so was given tamoxifen. I take two a day, he will see me again in eight weeks. Maybe your oncologist is thinking the same. We are all different, but if you are not happy get a second opinion like one of the other ladies said. Good luck. Love and hugs Julie xxx

  • Hi Julie I'm only on 1 tamoxifen aday what stage is yours xxx

  • Hi Rosanne, I have got ppc stage four. If you look at my profile I have put down what Treatment's I have been given. Hope this helps. Love and hugs xxx

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