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Hi all,wondering if you could help me,my husband had a colonoscopy at the end of last month,the doctor spoke to him about a poloyp he couldn't remove and kept saying tumour and surgery.a week later he phoned and said the diagnosis were cancer cells,and he would need surgery.on 12th February he had a body scan and so far no word at all,I know the M.D.team was meeting on Friday past about it .how long does it take to get back to us about this,can anyone tell us,thank you x

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Hello. You have posted on an ovarian cancer forum, you may want to post on a different forum. Usually when docs meet to discuss what the plan will be, you will usually hear within 10 days and if surgery is planned for the 12th then you haven't got long to wait.

Hi there I know you are a member of the Ovacare forum so maybe that is why you are posting here. I would think the result of the pet scan takes a few days, Perhaps ring the hospital and ask for the surgeons secretary and she will tell you if the operation is still scheduled for the 12th. They should have got back to you by now so I would certainly ring and see if your husband is on theatre list. Has he got a letter for admission if so well that is your answer. It is a worrying time. Hope this helps

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