Just reading a post on facebook and thought I would pose a question to us here. Maybe I am biased but this is what it is all about. During chemo, we all go through some form of hair loss which for me is the most upsetting part about Chemo. I notice that there is going to be a drive on for fundraising by a company. The idea is that people buy plastic caps and wear them as a joke to support those who have gone through hair loss ie to empathise with us patients. I am not gone on this idea, because it is not fun to lose your hair while you are debilated due to illness. Am I being an old fuddy duddy because I cant see the humour in it. Apart from that I hope everyone is doing good Joan

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  • I totally agree with you Joan. You are not being a fuddy duddy.



  • thank you, I left a comment on the post so must hop on to fb to see if I got a response

  • Suzuki - you are not a fuddy duddy. The hair loss from chemo can be very distressing for some women - but wearing a plastic cap does not seem appropriate to me as a fund raiser, if that is the intention. As you know I make jokes about my hair (even have the funny wig), but that is my decision and my way of dealing with issues.

    It is fundraising for trials, new treatments & possible cures that we need.

    So, to a wonderful and caring woman with a lovely personality & sense of humour - best wishes.

    Love, Daisies

  • Thanks for that Daisies I feel the same, it is distressing for us and we dont need to be reminded of it, I agree also that only fundraising should be for trials and treatments, Thanks for the lovely vote of confidence

  • Hi Suzuki, I totally agree with you , surely their is another way for people to show their support by donating to Ovacare for example. My hair has all but disappeared, 1st time round I did not care but for some reason this time I hate it as a matter of fact I am collecting my new wig tomorrow after chemo.Kittie

  • Hi Kittie yes I agree with you. It is a group here in Cork who have roped in the UCC students this year to advertise their campaign. As far as I know the funds raised go to the Club concerned. However the Club is now a limited company and as such shouldnt be fundraising for themselves anyway. I could be wrong in that assumption. I cant see how supportive one is walking around looking totally silly in a plastic cap that flattens their hair to look like they lost it, Mind boggles

  • Hi Suzuki. I haven't seen the fundraising campaign you are referring to - but I would completely agree with you. I hope it's done with sensitivity. It's a very personal matter and I found my hair loss to be one of the most cruel visual reminders of this disease - I could be feeling great on a given day and then catch sight of myself in a mirror and reality would hit like a freight train.

  • Hi MissFitz I hope you are getting better every day. It was a post I saw on facebook today from UCC Cancer Society that they were going to wear and sell these caps in UCC in the next few weeks, I left a comment as I said. The group they are supporting are not a charity and or research group I think it is rather tastless to be honest.

  • I agree. If this is not a charity and not raising any funds for research and treatment. Definitely tasteless. Only shaved heads would show any kind of empathy.

  • That is a good point actually Taichipat, these caps are not empathy just a money maker

  • Well I got an apology from the group who shared in all innocence. These lads and lassies did tremendous work last week end in UCC Relay for Life in fairness. They have removed the post from their page and told me to also complain to the people who are organising this "fun event", I am going to refrain from that because this event was organised in previous years and my comments fell on deaf ears. I pointed out to the student group that they could well be people on campus undergoing chemotheraphy and have hair loss and that it wasnt really empathic.

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