Happy Xmas

Hi Ladies, I just want to wish you all a happy peaceful and pain free Christmas, I hope every one is able to enjoy a few hours at least of Christmas Day. This evening is calm in my household at the moment and I wonder really what all the fuss is about. I want to thank both Ovacome and Ovacare for providing such a secure site for us ladies and a few gents to express our worries and fears and look for advice. I wish everyone of you well for 2017 Joan

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  • Many happy returns Joan!

    Have a lovely Christmas.


  • Thank you, sitting here at the laptop and wondering where to start, so far behind with replies but its a busy time,

  • Nollaig Shona to you all. I hope you all get to spend the day with loved ones.

    Est xx

  • Go raibh mile maith agat, I hope 2017 will be a good year for us all

  • Well said Joan, Merry Christmas!

  • Thank you hope you had a good time

  • Merry Xmas Joan and to ALL you lovely warriors.....


  • Merry Christmas Joan and all the other Ladies on this site. Hope it's a good one. Eat, drink and be merry🍰🍷🍻🍺🍹🍵. Kittie

  • Well I ate and did have a glass of vino went for a walk today and myself and the dog could barely walk so I have to start walking again and stop eating rubbish and also no feeding from the table for Buddy, he is a roly poly

  • Wishing you too the joy of the season Joan and thanks for your words of wisdom through the year . Take care


  • Hope you had a nice Xmas well for me I ate and now struggling to walk so things have to change

  • I did enjoy Christmas Joan as i was determined to banish all of the countless worries that creep in anyway. I did eat too much and walk too little but I walked but at least I walked a little bit. I am hoping to join a gentle exercise class in the NewYear provided the doctors approve. I went to one class earlier in the year but had to stop when chemo began. He does sitting down exercises and you have a choice whether to stand or sit. It is recommended for Cancer patients but I'm not sure I would be allowed with my creatinine levels a bit askew.

    I hope your pain has got a bit better since you spoke about it last. Take care.


  • Hi Molly O, I am not doing too bad I am almost there with the tendonitis, Believe it or not my husbands niece has it and her boss told her to change her runners every 3000 miles as the balance is gone at that stage, She took up running many years ago as her son was ill and it was a way to cope. She hasnt had physio just pain patches but it comes and goes with her. Then of course the killer heels at nights out wouldnt help either. Happy New Year I hope it will be a kind year to us all

  • Just to say had a fantastic day with the family round me play jibber jabber such a laugh feeling fine two days after chemo still awake after steroids fell fortunate to have a lovely family round me they have set more goals for me to follow shows dinner pamper day so at. This rate I have no time to do anything else there was a slight change of plan hubby ended up making dinner as friend had sickness bug and could not risk it I also hope all you ladies had peace and pain free day and all health stays good for next year and thankyou for letting you all in my life it's nice we can share our thoughts cares and concerns with here's to a new year God bless to you allxx

  • That sounds a nice day, we have five year old grandson here at the moment with a bad cough and he is a fussy eater so it can be difficult at times. However we did enjoy Cmas day and this little fellow is so funny at times and his imagination is something else. We drive him home tomorrow so he has said to me we will get lost or have an accident or get killed, Too much television methinks.

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