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wondering what to do

I am about to have a hysterectomy due to huge fibroids and a cyst on one ovary (non cancerous as far as we can tell). Do I keep the other ovary or should I get rid of it as well?

I've read that keeping an ovary can protect my heart and cognition. Not concerned about menopause setting in, but care about staying healthy. If I keep it, am I tempting fate for another cyst? Is it likely?

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Just on site and read your post, welcome to the club. I suppose it depends on your age. I was post menopausal having surgery so I really cant answer your questions. I have never heard about keeping an ovary helps your heart and cognition. Maybe it is something to discuss with your gp or consultant. Perhaps they might advise hrt patches etc. It is good to know that there is little chance of having cancer so I would focus on that aspect for now. There is plenty of reading out there about staying fit and healthy, at this stage we are bombarded with suggestions in every paper and magazines. I myself think everthing in moderation Best wishes


Hello Josie

I am hoping to have a hysterectomy for fibroids and although I don't as far as I know have ovarian cysts, I am also thinking about having both ovaries removed at the same time. I am 48 but not yet menopausal. Its a difficult one as you are right the oestrogen that the ovaries produce does give us protection from heart disease and provides bone strength. This is why post menopausal women are then at higher risk of heart disease/attacks and osteoporosis becomes a risk.

Susuki is right that we can then take HRT to give us back the oestrogen we have lost and so doing help ease the menopausal symptoms and there are Vit D medication we can take to strengthen our bones. Its worth discussing with the consultant before your op as its an important decision .

In my case its a little more complicated as although only 48yrs I already have had breast cancer so will not be able to take HRT and I already have had two heart attacks so do I have anything to loose asking them to take the ovaries out now rather than if cysts develop in the future it would mean another operation.?

How old are you if you don't mind me asking? Do you want to avoid another operation in the future? is that why you may ask for them to be removed now?

Big decision isn't it .

best wishes with what ever decision you make


Thanks for the responses. I am 53 and have not gone through menopause. So It's not that I'm too young for it.

I just want to be strong and healthy. My doctor the benefits/risks. I'm just trying to get more info to make my decision.

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hi all i am new to the forum want advise i got fibroid on my ovaries but i also got all symptoms described in ovarian cancer ie bloted ibs type went to my gp was not concern dint ak many question sugest blood test its not urgent apoint is not available till 9november i am realy worrid i dont know what to do next..are this syptoms normal for fibroids.


I would advise to remove it. My beautiful mam had a hysterectomy at only 32 and ovaries were left. At 55 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer 3c and passed away this year age 58. I wish they removed them years ago and this would not have happened im devasted.


I am 60, had the full monte 9 weeks ago. I guess I was into menopause, but this accelerated it with more hot flashes etc. I am glad to have the questions behind me. I had opted for only an oopherctomy..surgeon found borderline and moved to a full tah. was not particulary happy, but guess I wont have lingering thoughts about it. Still recovering, a little sore and mad I cannot work out in the gym yet...but this too shall pass!


I have asked my gynae for a full hysterectomy and removal of left ovary as fibroids and complex ovarian cyst its either haemorragic or endometiral . My Gynae consultant is reluctant and is trying to coerce me ( in a very kind way) to just stick to ablation of womb lining which may help my irratic bleeding but will do nothing for my cyst pain and painful heavy womb/fibroid .

I did ask him how much of a say do I get? He paused then said he is happy to discuss it again once I have had biopsy of womb lining. Listening to the very sad experience of Daisy's mum and your experience rushhome may be I should keep asking. In my mind its a no brainer Hysterectomy/oophorectomy = no fiboids, no bleeding, no worrying cyst and potential OC in the future and no abdominal pain. Im not belittling Hysterectomy I know its major surgery but its worth it.


Is it worth going back to your GP with a list of symptoms? maybe fill out the symptom tracker on this Ovarian Cancer website. The blood test is called CA125 and the results come back within 24hrs. My is normal 16 , the normal range is 0-35 but other conditions may cause it to raise but does not mean its cancer. I would have thought he would refer you to Gynae consultant as waiting list for appointment can be months.

Good luck and let us know how you get on


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