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just wondering and worried

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Hi All. Hope I am not wasting any one time but would like some help. Was diagnosed with fibroids in Nov 2014 by a Ultrasound Scan. Saw gynocologoist 2/1/15. send needed a hysteroscopy. This was carried out in 9/2/15. Confirmed this and nothing on either ovary. Saw consultant again thought I would be suitable for Uterine Artery Embolisation. (the artery to womb are blocked allowing fibroids to shrivel and shrink). Which I needed to have an MRI scan for. When I saw the consultant after he said I as suitable and started the process going. Still waiting for a date. However and this is my problem - the MRI scan showed what he called a simple cyst on my ovary. I did not find this out as the letter he wrote did not come to me in time for the last appointment and he did not mention it- so until the letter arrived the following day I knew nothing of it. Have got in touch to ask if the MRI showed it up as possible a clearer picture. Have been off sick from work with the symptoms of the three fibroids - very achey all over, struggling to keep my breathe, very bloated, weeing every 30 mins at times, very tired. Shoud I be concerned. Am seeing my GP in a bit today as sick note runs out.

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What a horrible situation to find yourself in Michelle. I'm not a medical expert but you would assume a gynaecologist would definitely have mentioned the cyst to you if they thought it was in the least problematic. I'd imagine you just want reassurance at this stage. In your shoes I'd ring the consultant's secretary to see if they can clarify this for you and reassure you over the phone as early as possible.

I'm sorry to hear you've got all this problem with fibroids. I hope you get a chance to actually see your GP and explain how worried you are and all the symptoms you're having.

Sending a hug xx Annie

I am sorry you are under the weather, and glad that you are seeing your gp sometime later today. I would explain exactly to your gp exactly as you have described here. All I can say is that an mri showed up my recurrence so they are fairly accurate. I would ask you gp to get a copy of mri report faxed to him. My gp did this for me a few years back and that started the ball rolling again. Then gynae team ordered abdominal ct scan which had same result so was back on treatment asap. If you are breathless dont forget to mention this and also remind your consultants secretary that he has a duty of care to you. Hopefully you will get an apt to get fibroids removed and that will help a little. Hoping the news is good for you

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Thanks suzuki. off on my to drs in a bit. Have to allow 30 mins for a normal 15 walk as get out of breath.

Dear Michelle, looks like you are caught in a spin of medical tests. I wish to turn your attention to your emotional state. When one internalizes emotion there is some storage of hormones somewhere like in fibroids, because the liver doesn't cope with the load of breaking down them. Perhaps the liver is busy detoxing some other toxins that it prioritize leaving the hormones created by emotion alone. I would think that taking some bitter herbs like dandelion and milk thistle herb, chicory and if you could bare the king of bitter herb would make you feel so much better.

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Hi Naomi. Thanks for reply. Have tried these herbs like you have suggested. personally I found they did not help. After speaking to my GP on Wed I am reassured that the cyst is harmless. Also eventually the consultant sent the same info. I have got to the stage where I just need the procedure to be carried out. Been signed off for another month- making so far this year 3 and a half months signed off up till 22/5/15

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Herbs takes longer time to work, they are no drugs. Liver needs all the help it can get even if you have the procedure done. I would say don't give up taking the herbs because you see no immediate obvious result, it will in time and will make you feel better and the liver will deal better with the emotions.

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