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Ladies. There is 1 week to Christmas and I've been reflecting on the past year, and in particular 6 months. My cycles of hard chemo are over and now on Avastin again, which I began on Tuesday last.

Anyway - met some lovely people in day ward over the years - some new, some young, some old, some on the 2nd round, some on long term treatment - both men & woman. I suddenly realised - that I am so lucky to be here and feel so well today.

So to those who I met on the way over the past 5 years and who are walking on the same road as me - I send love, hugs and best wishes. Thank you for the support of those I met through OvaCare and the fantastic crew at OvaCare - you kept me going when times were hard and tough. Also, to our friends on Health Unlocked - regards to you all also.

We have lost friends along the way - so pause for a moment to remember them.

If you are on full treatment; on maintenance; waiting to begin - regardless of where you are on the journey - there is a light for most of us along that road. It may be a glimmer some days, but try and see that glimmer.

So - happy christmas and best wishes for 2016 to you all.


Daisies xxx

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What a lovely post. You are an inspiration xxx Happy Christmas to you and yours and I hope you have a wonderful 2016.




That is a really lovely post, thank you, I was just thinking today when shopping this is the first Christmas in five years my ties to hospital appointments have been severed. When I wasnt on treatment, I was having shoulder surgery the past five Xmas. So I do appreciate what I have at the moment. A respite, no matter how short or long it is, it is really welcome. I also appreciate the friendships made with the help of Ovacare, it is good to support each other and help each other when we can. I also want to acknowledge the support of all those in Ovacome. I have come across some ladies with huge strength and determination. I also have met people in treatment down through the years. I am lucky to have a great gp in Knighthill Medical Centre and a very dedicated oncologist. Who else would put up with me?


Beautiful Daisies - hope is so important - I felt a huge rush of it today as I watched my 2 do their Christmas concerts - at just 5 and 7 - their innocence was infectious! I've never felt more "in the moment" than I did today. I never even took a picture!! Have a wonderful Christmas. Hope to see you soon. X


Hi Daisies, what a wonderful post. I am glad you are finally finished your treatment so can now concentrate on Christmas. I am all ready for it this year as this time last year I knew a recurrence was on the way for me but like the soldiers all the women on this site are we just got on with it. Like you I would just like to wish a!l the Ladies on this site and Ovacare a very Happy Christmas and hope 2016 is good to us. Kittie

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