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Evening Echo Friday 31st

Hi Ladies, we all have had the pleasure of meeting Rachael Ireland who has done so much for Ovacare and us the patients. It wasnt until today, I discovered the reason Rachael is so interested in Ovacare and helping Cancer patients. Rachel also lost her mother to Ovarian Cancer and she has helped June develop Ovacare as a support to us. Rachel has plans in the offing to have a Holistic Centre for Cancer patients. This is a fantastic idea, I just want to say thank you for making our lives easier over the past few years. I for one never realised that behind that lovely smile and gentlesness there was also sadness and loss and of course courage. Thank you Rachael

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Well said Suzuki . We all echo your sentiments . Thank you Rachael .


Great article. Thanks for highlighting it Joan. Thanks for all you do Rachel!


Hi Suzuki, thank you for making us all aware of this .I have just read the article on the Echo Facebook page and what a very busy lady Rachel is and she still has time to help all of us. A Big Thank You Rachel. Kittie


Thank you so much for the kind words Joan (i hope I've got the right name :-)), they are very much appreciated. Working with people like you, June, Sinead and Una to name just a few of you inspirational ladies is what keeps us all going and wanting to provide the best support that you think is useful. Hope to see you at the next patient day, details on the way very shortly.



hi Rachel , I was looking for this article and found it - well done, its a strong and ambitious venture and I know you will be able to manifest it - its so exciting that Ireland could have this for all our oncology patients in the near future. It will be a true gift.

All your links and networking with Macmillan, OvaCare, Ovacome and business models will prove invaluable including your workplace.

great photo and piece .

hope to chat soon




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