posting on a rainy afternoon in Summertime

Hi Ladies and gents, well the heatwave never materialised. I bet those on treatment at the moment were just as happy. Today is just like winter a taste of things to come. My poor dogs are refusing to go out to do what they should do. I hope everyone on treatment and off are doing okay. Anyone having treatment or procedures, I sincerely wish them the best. I meet the oncologist tomorrow myself. Probably get a date for the next scan I imagine. I feel reasonably okay apart from the sciatica which has been plagueing me. Physio doesnt do a lot for me as happened a few years back with my shoulder. But I am doing my best to do the exercises etc. For those I recommended Sketchers, physios are totally against them, The trainer of the months is Asics Gel with cushion support, for walking, you dont need the dearer ones unless one is going to take up running. So being a dutiful patient I have purchased a pink pair as it was summer. So if you see a lady in the supermarket with pink runners in Cork, it could be me. Wishing everyone all the best

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  • Hi Suzuki. The weather seems to be terrible all over the country at the moment and it will make the winter seem longer unless we get an Indian Summer fingers crossed. I hope everything goes well for you tomorrow at your review it is always a worrying time. I had mine last Thursday it went ok but not great marker 21 which to me is good but I have a lot of symptoms which are going to me going back on chemo .The Oncologist said I always present very fast in the end. Didn't ask what he meant. Gave me the go ahead to have Ultrasound injections in my thumbs so that is something else I can cross off my list. Take care Kittie.

  • Well at least you can get the injections at the moment. I dont have symptoms at the moment so hope to get off with a caution and probably scan in a few months, I know and appreciate I have been extremely lucky so far this year. Well I have to do exercises for the hip and back and it seems to be easing it a bit. I have dexa scan on Tuesday to see if I have osteoporosis. I have seen my sister with it, and its painful so just wait and see. This evening here was horrible, I do hope the weather will brighten up a bit again. It hasnt been a great summer at all

  • Joan if it's any consolation it's just as bad further up the coast here in Mayo it's been raining pretty much all day! Ah well you learn to live with it in Ireland don't you! I don't seem to mind it much anymore but with this new bone issue will have to get more sun!! I feel some sun holidays coming in my future!!!😂😂😂

    Best of luck tomorrow and with the Dexa scan let us know how you get on!


  • Hi D got an escape card from the onc so I go back to him again in Novemeber, had physio before hand. He was somewhat delayed and would you believe the sun was shining outside while I sat for two hours. To be honest, I dont mind waiting as I know he is extremely overworked. So hoping for a short wait for dexa scan in the morning. I think I feel a Sun Holiday coming on too

  • Hi Kittie,so glad your doing well,Your marker is good,a lot of symptoms might be associated to the treatment but glad your going to have the ultrasound injection.

    I've booked a sunshine break to the costa for a week.Going the 30th of Aug.My oncologist gave me the go ahead.Im not taking out travel ins,as it's a scandalous price so I have my EI11.

    Today is brighter here so hope you get out even for a cup of tea and a natter.xx

  • Hi Annie, I am glad you are managing to get a sunshine break , once you got the go-ahead from your Oncologist you must be ok to travel . I have not been anywhere overseas for a few years but on reading posts on travel insurance the price they charge is ridiculous it is cheaper to buy a ticket home if you had to come home early than insure yourself. Yes I am glad to be getting ultrasound injections for my osteoarthritis it's in both thumbs and they are doing both the same day . My next chemo plan is Topascaton given five days in a row and Avastin I don't know anything about it but will ask when I am starting it. Oncologist thinks it will be sooner rather than later as my last chemo was stopped after three cycles in June . Wishing you a great holiday and good health and don't forget the big had and sunglasses to hide behind as you are a celebrity now.😎👒. Kittie .

  • Oh yes Kittie, people will be looking for autographs next haha, I got off with a caution today so back in three months unless I have any trouble. I hope the injections go well for you

  • Wow Annie is there no stopping you, we hope to head off as well somewhere but it wont be that week because my daughter is going to Electric Picnic, hope she has wellies and rain gear.

  • Morning Ladies,

    The weather is miserable. I was in Poland for 4 weeks, so you can imagine how depressed I am with this weather here. For four weeks I enjoyed sun, blue sky, swimming in lakes and sea, forest walks, getting tan in the garden and lots of fresh fruits and veg straight from mums garden. Heaven!! And now... Brrrrr, came back on 12th of August and got sick straight away.

    Today my son started summer camp... C'mon "summer" camp? Its like autumn camp 😉.

    Other than that I have to say I feel ok, i have energy etc but kind of something going on. Again I have that feeling that something is going to happen. I hate this, but the last time this saved my life. I'm having bad dreams, I kind of feel something bad around. I had a very realistic dream about my death.

    I got appointment for ct scan, even I was told I won't get any scan anymore. This is bothering me. Why they are sending me for scan? I had one 2 months ago... I had some spot on my lung, that's why I had additional ct scan to check is something happening with this spot. I was told that everything is OK and I won't have any more checks for this. And I'm coming back from hols and ct appointment is waiting for me. Strange. And I have bad cough, so of course I think straight away that cancer is back (even I know I had a cold few days ago and probably cough is coming from this)

    Well, it won't be ever easy now. Any pain, anything strange with our body... We have only one though.

    Hoping to meet you Ladies in Dublin. I'm happy to help to organise the event. Maybe if we could get a date? Preferences if the weekday or weekend? Personally I would prefer weekend, like Saturday lunch time. I know the weekday can be distress by schools, after schools classes, hospital appointment etc. What do you think?

    Best wishes

    Zaneta xx

  • Hi Zaneta. I am glad you managed to get home to Poland for a nice holiday as we have had no summer here. Those CT scans always make us think the worse. I also think every pain and cramp I get is something sinister but I am usually wrong but I think with this disease it is the way we will always think now. Usually the Coffee Mornings run from 11am to Ipm and are very enjoyable and a great excuse to eat lovely buns and cake . Take care and hope everything goes well with your scan. Kittie

  • Hi Suzuki and ladies,

    Beginning to wish I live in Ireland (apart from your weather),it's blazing hot here in Kent.....sorry!

    Am going to Dublin for the first time at the end of September,have you any recommendations for places to visit, eat ect ?

    You all sound like you have an amazing social/OC life and events

    Carole xxx

  • Hi Carole. If you have time when you come to Dublin you should try and visit Newbridge Silverwear and visitors centre it is situated in Co Kildare only about three quarter of an hour's drive from Dublin they serve great food also. Dublin zoo is another great day. Kittie

  • Thanks Kittie,any advice is welcome,never been to Ireland before,really looking forward to it,my kids bought it for my birthday

    Carole xxx

  • HI Carole well we had a nice day today but most of it was spent indoors getting physio and meeting the Oncologist, For a place to stay, Jurys Inn Custom House, the rooms are nice enough and so are the brekkies. You are within walking distance of the main thoroughfare of O Connell street where you can see the GPO, Trinity College is also a must see, it is at the other side of O Connell St walking in the direction of Grafton St and if you continue along that street you come to a lovely park, St Stephens Green, There is the Guinness Brewery further up towards Heuston Station and also Temple Bar, I wouldnt be familiar with Restaurants other than IL Posto in Stephens Green but you may need to book that, There would be a few good places along that area. There is a Tram service which is quite regular behind Jurys which brings you into the City or on to Heuston Station. I am not sure if the Hop on and Off Buses still run at that time but I can check for you and let you know,

  • Thanks Suzuki,

    Don't want to put you to any trouble,we can find that out,but,thanks for all the places to go,much appreciated as always!

    Already have a hotel booked, my kids did it for my birthday, have heard Dublin is a blast,so, another off the bucket list,

    Carole xxx

  • Ah that is nice, bring jackets as it can rain etc etc. Most hotels do food to be honest, I stayed in the place I mentioned for a concert in the 03 Arena. I am sure your hotel will work out fine.

  • Suzuki your brilliant for info.I wouldn't know where half of those places so glad you got on ok with the scan and now hopefully there will be a plan of action.Its probably caused by the chemo and Avastin.Hopefully you will get some relief from the discomfort and pain.

    You mean the "Wet Picnic" ha ha,it always rains for that.She will have a blast.

  • Yes wellie boots at the ready etc etc its great the benefits of living at home as you can do all these things. At the moment I have a leg which goes cold, not sure about the benefits of physio to be honest. It works for most but I am the longest in responding to this kind of thing. It happened with my shoulder after Gem before so blaming the treatment, it has to have some kind of effect on us.

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