My achey breaky back

Hi Ladies, well I did it, I returned to the Rheumatologist who diagnosed my first recurrence, This happened because I could not get ct scan at the time and my gp decided he would send me to a Rheum to diagnose cause of pain, he organised mri and the rest is history. But have had back and hip trouble all summer, my gp referred me back to this gent, I was scared because I felt I was reliving the past and didnt know how he would take me. However he was nice and kind and checked my hip pain and I got a steroid cocktail, So now, I am sitting here with two red cheeks as if had chemo steroid. So it is still tendonitis, and I may need a top up in a few weeks, I did feel the relief of pain almost immediately. So it is now more bearable. Today it was back to my own hospital to have a back xray as dexa scan showed a fracture. I need an extraction before I start the Fosavance so saving that for two weeks time. I do keep myself busy in between chemos I have to say. So next week heading away to Malaga for a few days, dog sitter sorted hopefully. Well she is coming to meet dogs tomorrow and hope she will agree to looking in on them while my daughter is at work. I have Oncology check up toward the end of November, I will be at the coffee morning in Cork in October so hoping to meet up with those who can make it. I left some Ovacare leaflets in the Outpatients in the hospital while I was in there. They might encourage more ladies to check out the website and perhaps see what is going on. I hope all of you are doing as good as you can at the moment

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  • Crikey just reading my own post and it is definitely a steroid driven post, I should be okay in a day or so hopefully

  • Oh Joan, this too shall pass. Keep the faith. After all you are the original Ninja


    P'S. Check Google for pranic healing

  • Hi Naimish, my daughter suggests I look on ebay for spare parts haha. I havent lost my sense of humour. I am okay today and calm after the steroid injection and my hip is not as bad. I may need another one time will tell. We have nice sunshine here at the moment in Cork. Our Seotember was more like Autumn coolish and wet. Hope your wife is doing okay and feeling stronger ever day, best wishes

  • Hi Suzuki, you have been busy for the last few days.Was it cortisone injections you got? Mine haven't kicked in and it's more than a week now if fact pain is worse , trust it to happen to me. It is great you have a holiday planned the sunshine will do you good.I am sure the dog sitting will work out . I will be at Coffee Morning in Cork . Take care Kittie

  • Hi Kittie yes I got injection with local anaesthetic and steroid. I am normal today, the pain has lessened somewhat in my hip. The xray on my back was yesterday but the Rheumatologist said sometimes the Radiologist who read the dexa scans are fussy and he has seen other reports like this and nothing shows on xray. He feels if I have a fracture I wouldnt be able to move as I do and that was before the the injection. I think it can take three weeks for these injections to work their way around the body so dont give up on your hands just yet. I am looking forward to a bit of heat next week. I look forward to seeing you on 15th but will be chatting to you before then.

  • Hi Suzuki, yes hopefully the pain will ease over the next few days. You are been spoiled getting a local anaesthetic I had nothing. I actually think my injections were rushed as the appointment letter I received said each injection would take between 35 to 45 minutes but I was out in 30minutes after getting both done and that included the ultrasound scans.A well I just have to get on with it now . Kittie

  • Very happy to know that you are on the mend Joan and hopefully you will get a good deal on ebay. My wife is getting better every day albeit in microns. Fatigue and neuropathy apart, she is doing fine. Thank you for your care. Your aches too will vanish soon. Godspeed


  • Enjoy your sunshine Suzuki,you deserve it! I am here in Dublin,lovely sun today,full on rain and a hairy landing yesterday.Lovely people,lovely place,enjoy yourself,my next stop is Lanzerote in October.

    Trying to take my mind off my scan,but you know what that is like as do all the ladies.

    Sun on your back ......bliss!! Xx

  • HI Carole welcome to the land of soft rain and little sun but I am glad you had a nice day today weather wise. I am sorry the landing was hairy, these things do happen, Enjoy your break, dont expect to work on a tan but you will see some lovely Buildings such as Trinity College and our Central Bank in Dames Street and dont forget a visit to the Brewery, have a ball

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