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Today is World Ovarian Cancer Day and it is a day to remember those who have been here on this site or who have had family post for them.   We miss you all very much and your contributions of support will never be forgotten.    If you are one of the people who observe and never post here please do join our forum, it is interesting to exchange views and ideas and give and get support.   I would ask everyone of you today to share the Ovacare Animation video on Facebook with your friends.  It might just give someone the nudge to go to see their gp if they have symptoms which linger.  Finally a huge thank you to Ovacome and Ovacare.   Both are extremely supportive to all of us. Best wishes to all of you reading this post and if you have any concerns please post or you can also message one of us privately.

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Well said Suzuki. I wore a Teal t-shirt and cardigan today as well as my ribbon. We spent the afternoon in Newbridge Co .Kildare and I can honestly say I had a great time window shopping.( I did buy a couple of items☺). Kittie

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Hi Kittie, I havent been in Newbridge for years.  I lived there once upon a time when we got married first.  My friend then went to live there after I returned to Cork and she is still there.  Just on the phone to her now and we hope to visit in June.   I am dying to see the shopping Centre there, I have never been in it.  Must go to Kildare Outlet Centre some day its on my to do list but I know its expensive/ 

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Hi Suzuki, you will find big changes in New bridge when you visit. I love the Whitewater Shopping Centre. it houses one of my favourite shops Debenhams even though I will not buy anything in it unless it's on sale. You will have to visit Newbridge Silverwear they have a lovely little restaurant. I only live  half hours drive from Newbridge so I go there rather than Dublin. Thank God the weather has picked up and as I am feeling good this week I intend to make the most of it. The first week after chemo really knocking me for six getting it weekly was so much easier for me but that's the way Mr B. wants it done this time. Take care  Kittie.

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Hi  Kittie I look forward to visiting my friend in June, I also like getting bargains in Debenhams although I have noticed that Dunnes have increased their price for tee shirts, not that we have the weather or anything for them yet.   You are right to get out and about when you are able to during treatment.

Thank you Suzuki. You've summed up what the day is all about - remembering our friends - especially daisies - and a huge thanks to Ovacare for what they go for us here in Ireland. X

My daughter tweeted re world ovarian cancer day and posted the O/C awareness video and lo and behold Simon Harris retweeted it so maybe things are looking up !!! This forum is a huge support to all of us . Again thank you Ovacare and all who contribute and are there for one another . 

Wow, that is something, hopefully Simon will see the issues surrounding the hospitals and do something to sort it.  Today two lovely scanners for early detection of OC have been presented to ST James Hospital, Dublin by the Emer Casey Foundation so today is a good day.  Thank you to Emers Mother and family and her friends for their continual fundraising and awareness.

Thanks Suzuki for a lovely blog.Its sad to remember our fellow warriors who have gone esp Daisies ,as all of them put a smile on our faces when times were difficult.Thank you Ovacare and Ovacome and all the members for support and understanding.

I told the Dr in CUH last night about World Ovarian Cancer Day and I was interviewed on Local radio this morning about it.Unfortunately I couldn't attend the memorial gospel choir performances to raise awareness of the illness,I didn't know they were on. 

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That was great Annie, I was trying to catch Paul Byrne but he pulled the plug saying that the election of Taoiseach was going to take the best part of the news on Friday on TV 3.   I notice the new guidelines on Ovarian Cancer for gps were launched today in Dublin.   So I have sent him a message of the event,  He did share on his face book page that yesterday was World OC day but I will knock away at him and might get somewhere.  However, I would imagine all the ladies on here will be pleased that the Guidelines are on their way to general practitioners around the country.   I can also feel that somewhere out there, Daisies is smiling because this is what she wanted so badly, 

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