Nodules in lower abdomen

Hi. Being relatively new to MPNS I'm not familiar with things we MPNers develop. I have a relatively large nodule under the skin in my lower abdomen near my hip bone with a bunch of little ones near it. The ultrasound said something like uncertain or unknown but didn't say suspicious which is good. My internist wants my cancer doc to decide whether or not to biopsy. Can't see him til Tuesday so am wondering if any of you have experienced anything like this. They appear to be hard and aren't tender. Any ideas? Thanks. Katie

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  • Hi Katie, forgive me for asking but what does MPNS stand for?

  • HI Katie, I am sorry you are faced with uncertainty at the moment and hope you start getting some answers soon, I am not sure what you mean by MPNS?

  • MPN is the acronym used in the U.S. for Myeloproliferative Neoplasm (bone marrow cancer). I couldn't remember if it included all 3 types or just one so I added an S. Sorry I didn't explain. I thought it was used universally. Do you use an acronym in your country? Thanks for your kind words. Katie

  • Well all I know is CLL for chronic Leukaemia as my friend has it, and I know there are various forms of this type of cancer, all the best,

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