Coffee Morning -Dublin

Good morning all on this beautiful morning here in Dublin! I hope the sun is shining in your part of the country and all are as well as can be expected.

I'm liaising with Ovacare in relation to the coffee morning suggested by Zaneta. They have asked if we can get back to them with an agreed date for Saturday (and a location) and they will take it from there.

How does Saturday 10th or 17th sound? Ovacare have used the Ashling Hotel in the past - does that location suit? (It's on Parkate Street on the Quays, near Heuston Station).

If anyone is interested in attending can you get back to me with your preferred date?

Many thanks and I hope you get to enjoy the sunshine!


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  • The 17th suits me .😀Kittie

  • Great - thanks Kittie

  • 17th good for me too!!


  • Thanks Dx - let's hope we get some more interest!


  • 17th please, as 10th is my sons 6th birthday and we have family and friend coming over to celebrate

  • The seventeenth is good for me.

  • Great ! We're getting there!

  • Saturday the 10 only date suitable for me. I would love to meet you all again. Una

  • Hi Una.

    Thanks for your response.

    Still getting collecting ladies preferred dates !


  • Hi Una

    Unfortunately, the majority of those interested want 17th September, but I understand Ovacare are doing Patients Day in November, hopefully that will be suitable and you will be able to up?



  • 17th good for me ! I already said on another post. That is " to be sure ,to be sure " !

  • The 17th looks good for me also. Thank u

  • Great!

  • I would love to go to the coffee morning on the 17th.


  • Great Marie - see you there!


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