In hospital

In hospital

Hello, I am lying here in a hospital bed hoping you are all in good form. I have pneumonia and a little bit of fluid, but not a worrying amount. The kids are so upset and it's so upsetting to see them like that. I will be in until Wednesday st least. The consultant is going to talk to my oncologist as he has a queary about my liver. I hope everything will be okay. At least I put the Christmas decorations up for the kids 😔

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  • Hey Damelza,

    So sorry to hear you are in hospital but at the same time you are in the right place! I ended up in hospital after my last chemo too and it wasn't anything major (bad sinus infection) so I hope you feel better soon! Your poor kids they have had a tough year but kids are resilent and mammy will be home in time for Santa!

    Mind yourself!


  • Aww thanks D, yes I do remember you saying that you ended up in hospital.. it's shit ain't it. I hope you are in good form 😀

  • Not a bother Damelza!

    BTW your tree is fab!!!


  • Oh Damelza, I am really sorry to hear this just answered your previous post. I hope the antibiotics will work fast and that you will be soon home with your family again. Its not the time of year to be in hospital but then when is a good time and the answer to that is never. You would have fluid with the pneumonia so hopefully that will disperse and perhaps the consultant is being very cautious with you.

  • Hi Damelza, hospital it not a place any of us want to be but if it was to happen I am glad it's now and not Christmas week .I hope the antibiotics you are on kick in pretty fast and you can get home to your little ones. Take care Kittie

  • Hi Damelza, sorry you're in hospital. Hopefully the meds will soon clear it up and you'll be back at home with your family. Get as my ch rest as you can as that will help too. Ann xx

  • I hope you get out very soon and can celebrate at home soon

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