Still in hospital

Hello lovely ladies. I wrote last week that I had pneumonia, the pain of that was really bad. I still have pain in abdomen and right side near ribs. Yesterday the consultant said that I appear to have a hard lump in my abdomen as I have been telling everyone that would listen to me. Today I had a brain and abdomen ct scan and they have set up an appointment to see the oncologist. I have been telling them that after I see the oncologist that I'm going home. I have spent the last week in here and it has been without doubt the worst week of my life. My son is inconsolable today as he thought I would be at home when he came back from school. I'm at the end of my rope 😔 Hugs to all


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  • Ah Damelza,

    I am sorry to hear you are still there I was sure you would be home by now but better for them to get to the bottom of it all the same! The oncologist is in the Hospital on Weds isn't he? hopefully he will see you tomorrow!

    Sending you a virtual Hug!


  • Hi Damelza,so sorry you are still in hospital but hopefully by this time tomorrow you will be home surrounding by your family,it must be very hard for you all . Chin up andI hope the Oncologist gives you your get our of jail card . Kittie

  • Dear Damelza, you've been through the mill and how frustrating for you that your abdominal lump wasn't checked out and found earlier. Hopefully when you see the Oncologist there will now be a clear picture of what needs to be done and you can agree your treatment plan.

    You will be so pleased to be home and your son will be so happy, I'm sure you will make sure you have all the pain meds etc you need. You can then direct Christmas decorating !!

    Thinking of you and visualising you at home very soon with your family

    Take care

    Clare 💐💐

  • Hi Damelza,I hope by this time you are home and your feeling a little better.I believe we recover better at home.Hopefully Onc will be able to get to the problem, it might be something benign and treatable.sending you good vibes and prayers xxx

  • Hey Damelza!

    Hope you got home today and everything went ok with the Onc!


  • Oh Damelza, I'm sorry to learn your still in hospital.p!ease dont sign yourself out though, as a Dr in hospital will only keep you there as long as you need to be there as they need the beds. I know you want to be at home with your son at this time but what use are you going to be if your still unwell. Don't forget, when in hospital your not doing much and feel better than you actually are when you get home. Big hugs. Ann xx

  • Dear Damelza,

    Sorry to hear you are still in hospital. Hope you are feeling better today and that things are improving. Of course you want to be home with your family. It is important to be strong enough and pain free, makes getting home easier.

    A huge hug to you. Everyone is wishing you well.

    Esther xxx

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