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Hello. I have my first scan coming up next week, since the end of the hard chemo drugs and like everyone else - am peppering. Got a bit of a fright recently when I felt a small pea sized lump in my right side (near my liver). Oh, the things that went through my head - was it another tumour in the bowel etc. But common sense prevailed and went to my GP first, and thankfully, it is only a little skin based lump - In the fat, so nothing to worry about , but he did tell me to say it to my Onc. as there is some tenderness.

Is there no end in sight - well, there is, but not that end, just yet.

The lovely weather prompted me to abandon the wig ,as there is some growth and felt SO FREE, but of course, the weather changed but sticking without it now.

So girls, think of me next week as I wait for scan & of course the results - fingers etc crossed. Then I have to get the cataract removed the following week. Holey, Moley , as we used to say - at the rate things are going wrong - there will be nothing natural or real remaining in me to give to medicine when I'm gone.

Love to all as we go through the last days of March - Spring Equinox over; days officially getting longer and with the hour changing on Sat we'll have long bright days



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  • Hi Daisies, my scan is Thurs week Holy Thursday with Avastin, so it seems now protocol has changed, I check in for chemo, get a sticker go across to radiotherapy get my canula inserted by them, and get my drink and bring that back with me to oncology. So while drinking that delicious drink, I also get an infusion of Avastin, And I get the sticker for good behaviour in advance. The thought of it all is hitting me this week too. Not sure when I get result as boss is away then I thought he is around for the 11th or am I wrong. Its just he is not there on 13th so I have to wait until 27th for result. I am hoping some kind person will put me either in or out of my misery in between. So you get the cataract done a week or so after the scan, well I really hope it goes well. I hope your headaches are dissapearing, the wig does give you tension pain. I suppose you are right to keep it off but wear a hat if going out in the wind. I am feeling a bit tired but its my own fault, I am overdoing it and really shouldnt be, We shall try and stay positve and I am hoping my nice radiologist will be there next week, she was missing last time and I got upset because they couldnt find a vein. I have been assured by one of the lab techs since that I do have plenty of veins in the middle of my arm and that they either know how to put in canula or they dont. So hoping for the radiologist who knows what she is doing. It turned chilly again but as you said the long evenings are coming in. I am planning to head to Killarney this weekend to clear the head, mind you the sinuses are better but the brain is foggy, Wishing you well Joan

  • Good luck Suzuki with your scan results. I am feeling better today after having bad news from Consultant on Monday but after speaking to Ruth at Ovacome I feel much better now I know there are other options open to me.

  • Best of luck to all you brave an inspiring women awaiting scans an results . We continue to support one another on this merry go round and we learn from one another . Miriam is one example of how inspiring us women are . So we march bravely on ladies an help one another and others along the way . See you all in April .

  • Hi ConnieB, well we do have some giggles at the Ova care Coffee mornings, it is great because you are with people who understand and have been through the same as yourself. First day I went, I felt really at home. So you are coming to Information Day in April, that is great, looking forward to meeting you. Yes this cancer is a merry go round, when bringing my late mother to hospital apppointments in the South inf many years ago, I never dreamt I would spend time there myself having surgery and then chemo and more chemo. Miriam showed that she is a great Ambassador for us ladies.

  • Enjoy Killarney - and take it easy. Was reading the regime you go through on the day of scan, it sounds like all your daily exercise just going between all the units. Then waiting for the results - i'm sure either the Ward Nurse Manager/ Registrar will tell you the results & which I am sure will be good.

    Regards, Maureen

  • Thinking of it that way that is true but I better keep the immodium in my pocket in case of emergencies haha. I suppose at the end of the day the scan will show whatever is there so have no control over it. I am sure they will put me out of my misery some time the following week I dont mean literally. Yes getting rather tetchy now mind you, everyone stay clear just joking. Hope your scan is okay too

  • Good luck with your scan results and cataract removal. Everyone seems to get a lot better treatment in Ireland. Am thinking of asking for second opinion after having Caelyx which starts on 8th. My Consultant gives me no hope at all and when you are facing these treatments you need something to cling to. I have taken to longer periods without wig. Made a lovely felt cloche hat with a friend the other week so taking to wearing that as hair a bit fine yet. Probably look like an etsentric dippy pensioner but who cares, its unique.

  • Hi daisies. Will be thinking if you next week. Scan time is hard, isn't it. I hope you have minimal wait until you hear the results. We're so lucky that such progress has been made with treatment over the last decade and no matter what the outcome - I have no doubt you and your lovely oncologist will have a plan going forward. Will be off line for the next couple of weeks - planning to switch off completely from OVCA while we are away and turn off this phone that I'm finding myself permanently attached to! Have a lovely easter. X

  • You are perfectly right to switch off phones & stop reading through internet etc for a while - sometimes we want access and instant information and of course the replys.

    So, again, have a brilliant holiday and we will all talk to you again when schools re-open in April, or even May.



  • I agree with what you have said, we need to switch off sometimes too and keep away from all these gadgets because it can actually be depressing. Have a lovely holiday and hopefully we will catch up when you are feeling up to it Joan

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