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Hi all. I joined this site a year ago when I was diagnosed 1C at the age of 27. I posted once and haven't been back. Ever since this all happened I have been acting like everything is fine and after my surgery even acting like it didn't happen. Recently I have realised I can't go on like this. Pretending it didn't happen or wasn't a big deal is just not helping me. I have decided I need to get involved somehow. I can't find any support groups for ovarian cancer in Dublin (where I recently relocated to from the Midlands) or ones for young survivors? I know there are cancer support groups but I don't feel like I can go there. I was only stage 1, my treatment is over and they are needed for people who really need their time. I'm just feeling like I don't have a place because of my young age and I'm looking for anyone with advice or information.

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I can't help with your particular Dublin enquiry, except to say I wouldn't rule out cancer support groups or to assume that groups are dominated by women of my age.

You'll realise from the OC sites that the women writing on them are a mixed bunch.

My experience of get togethers has been of a very wide age range - some closer to your age and some older than me.

I hate to be the prophetess of doom, but recurrence rates for OC are very high. I write as someone also diagnosed with 1c, who felt rather as you sound, and then recurred within 2 years.

So, I'd try any group you can find and as you get to know other women, you may find one better suited to you.

All the best with your search. xxx


Hi Eolyn, well you have come to the right place. I too was diagnosed with Stage 1c ovarian cancer. I was 28 at the time. I recently passed 5 yrs in remission. Like you, I found being diagnosed with ovarian cancer to be a very lonely place - and even more so to be diagnosed in my twenties! At the time there was no such support in Ireland as OvaCare. I attend the OvaCare coffee mornings now in Cork and the Patient Days which are on twice a year in Cork and Dublin and have found great support there. There are women of all ages and stages at these events. I believe a cancer diagnosis is something you will always carry with you. But learning to live beyond it, I have found, certainly gets easier with time. The next coffee morn in Dublin is due to take place in June so keep an eye out on the website in the next few days as details of that will be up shortly. In the meantime, know that you are not alone and use the forum here as an online support community :-)


HI Eolyn, welcome to the site. Yes it can happen that you feel ovewhelmed well after the event. I would suggest you find Arc Cancer Support House,in Dublin. You dont have to be any particular age to visit and get support. Their services are free and confidential and range from counselling to light massage just to name a few. There would normally be a medical adviser in situ. People of all ages go to these centres dont feel you are wasting their time, we all have needs and worries. They might be able to advise you of how to find a gynae liason nurse who is there for support of gynae cancer patients in hospitals. If you had surgery already in a Dublin hospital and are going back for check ups, maybe one of nurses there would be helpful. I have met people of all ages on my trips to the chemo wards so dont feel alone. Please feel free to ask more questions on this site and we will all do our best to answer them. Please stay with contact with the site so you will see when the next coffee morning is in Dublin, I think one of the other ladies said it could be in June. It is a good experience to attend the coffee mornings because you immediately get a sense of being with those who understand your journey.


Wow. Thank you very much. I had heard of the patient day in Cork at the end of May but it is too far away and too short notice for me to visit. I will definitely look out for the coffee day in Dublin. I have spent the last year pretending I didn't have cancer for the benefit of the people I love around me and so I could "move on", that it is a relief to be able to just be accepting of it. I did go to ARC house yesterday looking for information and came away much better for it. Even just the quiet talk I had with the lady there has done me good and I think I will return there at some point.

I was given information from a lovely daffodil nurse in the Mater (where I had my surgery) about a cancer centre in Drogheda that do gynae days at the Garry Kelly cancer centre. They also have a group for people between the age of 18 and 30 who have had or have cancer. I am going to go to that even though it is a bit away.

Thank you very much for replying to me and let me know if you ever hear anything more. I am always interested and it could help someone else some day too. I will definitely be stick around this site.



I was 40 when diagnosed with 1c 3 years ago. It was certainly a shock. I was lucky got caught in times and had my family so I made my peace with losing my fertility. I decided not to go to support groups because I felt I just wanted to move on with my life even being on this network might not be great just reading that someone recurred is not what you want to hear it just freaks you out. I believe in just living for now nobody knows what is around the corner for them could be knocked down by car. It is very tough to get over I think give your body at least 2 years get over sugery chemo etc... and you wont believe how much better you will feel. I spent a year doing nice things like yoga and flower arranging anything relaxing maybe sitting talking about it to people who might be in a worse situation may not help but that is just my opinion. I really feel for you its not easy but you will get through this and once you feel well again there will be no holding you back. Be kind to yourself and lots of nice treats.


Great response Cath40. Hope you're keeping well. X


I am doing great missfitz thank god working again and putting it firmly behind me. I think just getting back out there into normal life best way to heal but first the body needs to recover it definitely took 2 years for me even just getting your hair back to normal takes time you feel great once your hair is sorted not a quick process but you get there.


Hi all. Thought I would just update. There is a coffee morning being held in Dublin on June 28th which I will be going to. I also found a support group for people who have been diagnosed with cancer at a young age. It is for people ages 18-35. It is called Cantalk and it was in the Gary Kelly centre in Drogheda. I travelled there from Dublin and I am glad I did because I met a lovely lady age 24 who also had ovarian cancer. I couldn't believe it. I will be attending that again also. I just thought I would put that info out there in case someone else is interested. Thanks for your help :)


Hi wondering how you are doing did you go to support group did it help


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