Up date on Parp inhibitor treatment

Saw my Onc yesterday who is happy with my treatment so far.

Side effects so far are,chilly hands and feet,nausea,fatigue and loss of appetite.

Chewing gum helps the nausea,eating little and often helps the lack of appetite but I haven't figured out the treatment for chilled hands and feet yet as its internal,hot water bottles,gloves etc haven't worked.My CA125 has come down to 17,the lowest since diagnosis.Ive more energy,haven't required Movicol for the past 5 weeks which is an achievement as I needed it on daily basis since diagnosis.

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  • Hi Annie that is fabulous news you must be over the moon.I am so happy for you I hope you go out and celebrate this weekend.I am sure you have made a lot of people happy by your post.Hugs

  • Thanks Suzuki,hopefully it will be prescribed to other women in the next few months.Ill celebrate with a spritzer ha ha

  • Great news Annie, gives us all a lift to hear it. M

  • Hi Annie , it is great that things are going well for you hopefully you will come up with something to sort out the cold hands and feet. Hope to see you at the Patients Day in April. Kittie

  • Thanks Cath,Thanks Kittie, if I'm A O.K I will definitely be at the Patients day. Xxx

  • Thrilled for you Anne. It gives such hope to anyone reading this to hear that you are responding so well to this treatment. Have a wonderful weekend, celebrating another Mother's Day!

  • That is wonderfulAnnie . Enjoy that feeling of Joy . Have a great w end and the sun is shining .

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