Update on Olaparib and chat with Health minister!

Feeling a lot better since coming out of hospital in May.My bloods have continued to rise so hopefully they will be good on Thurs when I meet Oncologist.I have more energy,went to the beach today and walked 2 miles! It was a glorious day.I no longer need sleeping tablet as I'm getting 6 hrs straight sleep at night and a nap during the day.The fatigue is caused by the tablets,but I'm not complaining.Ive still got appetite and drink approx 3ltrs of water everyday.Bowels can play up sometimes but I've only needed laxative 3 times since January which is great.All in all,so far so good.

Wrote letter to minister of health regarding chaos in A&E at one of Corks Hospital.I admit my letter was full of sarcasm and innuendo but the reply I got back from him was a doozy!! Thanking me for praising the hospital,treatment etc and wishing my hubby and myself all the best in the future! So thought he A didn't read the letter B,read it and misunderstood it,C, he was being sarcastic back.I replied politely to his email but heard nothing back,so took bull by horns and sent all correspondence to local radio.Minister was contacted and he rang me to apologise,which I accepted but I did mention the lack of out of hrs oncology,the fear of going through A&E and the time it's taken to licence cancer drugs! The protocol in his office is,any correspondence in relation to the HSE is passed onto them,so I'm afraid they will not be a follow up. I'm holding an ABBA/70s night in town on the 22nd,part of my bucket list and I will be raising funds for Ovacare.

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  • Wow am impressed by your determination! All power to your elbow. Good luck with the fund raising. X x

  • Hi annieH1, I am glad things are slowly getting better for you. The fatigue is a terrible thing because no matter what you do it will always win. I don't think the minister's like to be told where they are failing us and to me the major failing it with women with OC, I think because it's not on the news every other day like other cancers they just don't want to know. Good on you holding a ABBA/70s night for Ovacare. Bloods are the bane of our lives we are always hoping they will be in our favour. I am in on the 20th of July for a CT scan and back in the next day for results I was also told to make sure I get my bloods done on the 20th also. I hope everything well for you on Thursday. Kittie

  • Hi Annie, well that is really being highlighted extremely well. I heard you today on 103fm and I have to say the interviewer was compassionate and kind and very much to the point. I think you horrified her as to what you have had to endure in A and E and she felt it was too much for a Cancer patient to fight the illness as well as the system. You were very clear on your points and that is what we need to fight our corner for better conditions for patients. Hope you had a lovely day in Camp, it is a lovely beach.

  • Hi Annie , I just read your letter to the Health Minister in full and the reply you got and it would make you wonder what we have running the country. Who ever replied on his behalf must have only read the first line of your letter. I am glad you got an apology for him and I hope he meant it. Kittie

  • Hi Kittie,yes I'm sure he was sincere.I received a letter from him today,giving me his contact number.He also stated the items I mentioned regarding A&E for cancer patients was passed on to the CEO of the HSE.So I reckon that's as far as it will go now.

  • Hi Annnie,I hope everything went well for you today at your check up. Kittie

  • Hi Kittie.Just 2 of us left on the drug now.It hasn't worked for 2 ladies and I reckon I'll be off of it next month.Im waiting for app for scan.I have symptoms similar to pre diagnosis so,Onc wants to rule out anything sinister,Hope your coping well with treatment,

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