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Hi I know some of you are away at the moment but looking for some advice here. I had a ct scan in April which was stable no new disease. To my mind ct scan shows the pelvis, abdomen and bowel. So I attended gp end of May with sinus issues and just mentioned that my bum was irritated and I felt I had piles. God knows what my insides are like after chemo combos etc and the Avastin. So hedid a check and said I had blood and I would have to have a colonoscopy. So he prescribed pessaries which have done the trick, no further irritation maybe a little a few days after Avastin. So today, got an apt for a scope in the post, I have had no consultation with a gastro as yet. I am back to the onc on August the 10th and I feel clinically well and the pessaries worked. I was aghast at the idea of getting the apt without seeing the gastro. I cannot get on to the section who sent out this apt. I am not sure if I have to come off the Avastin for this procedure but will sort that when I see the onc . I am hoping that he will agree with me that it isnt necessary but then they like to dot their i"s and cross their t"s. I know they have to be sure but really if ct scan shows no disease spread to bowel isnt that enough for them?

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  • Suzuki I think you should take the advice and have the colonoscopy .you will speak with Gastro straight after proceedure and Avastin is fine . They wil take a good history before proceedure . I had it in Sth . Sounds like haemorrhoids but still better to get colonoscopy out of the way . Now the Bowel Prep is another story 🚽🚽!!!

  • So they dont take you off Avastin to do it? Well that is one good thing. I am seeing the prof on 10th, My gp I know is on the ball, he has had me already in the Ent in the South with Sinus issues, Conclusion Avastin which the prof agreed with. So to me that was a waste of time and money. I know he is looking out for me but sometimes, I feel I live in the South. I will get over it, just me at the moment. Yes I got the script for the picolax and the diet, sounds like fun, better stock up on the loo paper and black tea like Good Friday. And the the test is on a Friday haha

  • Well I suppose your GP is being proactive. Your last CT was April, you attended GP end of May with new symptoms, he obviously wants to check that there is nothing sinister there. Perhaps GPs can refer directly for coloscopies now, I didn't think they could but he might have spoken or written to your onc. Just a thought. Either way, good luck. Ann xo

  • Yes he is a bit proactive. I cant blame him because my first recurrence got a late diagnosis. This was not his fault but the gynae team, he did torment them, they gave me appointments and dismissed my symptoms. Well I would be having ct scan in Sept Oct anyhow but I will be a good patient and co operate as I do. Yes it would seem that gps can fastrack coloscopies now and you see the gastro team after the event. It probably cuts down on outpatients. I think that is why I got a shock. Thanks for your reply and also I

  • Hello. just deleted, in error, the 1st attempt at reply....chemo brain.

    Agree with others - go ahead with colonoscopy but don't envy you the prep drink...too many memories. However, it is pain free and it will give clearance and a happy mind.

    In case we are not talking - best of luck with review and check if wash-out period from Avastin is required - don't think it is for that procedure though.

    Chat soon and enjoy weekend - am just home and tired.


  • Hi Suzuki, I have to agree with the other Ladies and go ahead with the colonoscopy. I know it is not a very nice procedure but after all we have been through just put it down as another test you have to endure . Take care Kittie

  • Ah Kittie, I was hoping for some sympathy like!!!! Yes but tis true, it has got to be done. I am seeing onc in ten days time the apt is for the end of August so hoping that I wont have to cut out Avastin for that procedure. I will have to change the date of one or the other as would be due Avastin the day before so really no point in that. My cns said try something for piles from health shop as opposed to chemist and my gynae liason nurse said she didnt think it was anything to worry about much. So we just get on with it. Kittie it would seem your scan wasnt as good as you hoped. I am sorry and look tell us the story in your own time, we are always here for you.

  • Hi Suzuki. Sorry I'm late chiming in on this post. I had a colonoscopy last year for the same reason as yourself - I was on Avastin at the time - no problem with that as long as the consultant was aware of it - I didn't see the consultant before either - it's due to this direct referral system that started where gp's can refer directly for a number of procesdures now to reduce delays. Your history should be well documented in the referral. As others have said - the prep is "fun" but I just wanted to let you know that mine didn't work out - after the hysterectomy - I have a lot of scar tissue and my bowel had "kinked" quite a bit and the scope could only go so far - 20cm - so it was an "inconclusive" test. Good luck with it and with your review with the Prof.

  • Hi there hope you are feeling well and that treatment is going okay. I asked my gp secretary and she said I will have fun, what ever they gave her to drink she was giggling for the day when she had procedure. I blame the Avastin but the Prof wont have sympathy for me. So will see how it goes. The weather is so dreadful not like summer at all

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