Eventually got the result of the ct scan from April 2nd. So the result shows the Avastin is still working effectively and our oncologist is happy with me. So back to him in August unless I am in trouble meantime. I will never wait as long again for a result, I will ring the liason nurse. Well we learn from our mistakes. God the weather was much colder today wasnt it ? Hope all doing as good as you can do because that is just all we can do. Joan

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  • YAY! Great News xxx Enjoy the Summer (when it happens) xxx Trish

  • Yes well had the woolly jumper on today debating about the boots but decided against them but they are handy if needs be. Yes another few weeks to go at work and then retired, I will have to get a woman shed built so I can watch what I want to on telly and no Judge Judy please god

  • Thats great news Joan, after a long wait! Delighted to hear it. And yes it's so much colder!

  • Thanks Marymarcy, I do realise how lucky I have been because on my first recurrence was pretty sick and I know others who I have met along the way even with other cancers who have been unlucky. So far no major side effects from Avastin and that can be hit or miss too. I was at work this morning doing my few little hours and the feet were frozen so eventually they put up the heating. Even the heating was on in the waiting area of the clinic today and now I have it on at home. Such changeable weather. I hope your Mum is doing okay and that the visitors are more thoughtful when visiting

  • It's great that Avastin is working for you and that it's manageable in terms of side effects, long may that continue.

    Mam is doing ok but her cancer has progressed unfortunately. She was in hospital for a week and had 2.5 litres of ascites drained. She is bright and seems stronger but limited in what she can do. She is trying to decide whether or not to try another type of chemo,but there is a low chance of it making a meaningful difference. She is comfortable most of the time, eating well etc so we are delighted with her really as she was quite low. So we are taking a day at a time as best we can.

    It must be a relief to have your results and that they are good enough, enjoy and hope you dont have to go back to him for ages and have a gat summer!

  • Over the moon for you Joan. Wonderful news; gives me hope, thank you. I hope you have a wonderful summer. Yes the weather has cooled down (put the vest back on!) but my seedlings were on steroids last week during the sunshine so lots of life & hope in the garden too! Warm hug Chickpea5

  • Thanks I was a little unsure of what the result would be because well have had a break from chemo for 14months so it would seem all going well this will continue. I was tempted with the ankle boots today. I did ditch the thermal for an ordinary vest two weeks ago so will stick with that if I can, My mother didnt believe in summer clothes or changing clothes until the end of May, cant remember the saying she had which she got from her mother, I think its like this," dont caste a clothe till May is out", I am open to correction. Maybe I will get a polytunnel or a woman shed to protect me from the continuing voice of Judge Judy in a few weeks. Plenty walks methinks

  • Ne'er cast a clout till May is out! !

  • Delighted with your news. Enjoy the elation. What a rollercoaster of highs and lows we seem to be on! May this high continue for you into the summer. X

  • Thank you for your kind words, I advise never to wait a month for your scan results. I know it couldnt be helped but then again I could have rung gynae liason nurse. But I felt what I didnt know wouldnt worry me but it probably did underneath it all

  • Hi Suzuki, what great news , now you can look forward to your retirement and hopefully a long hot summer. Kittie

  • Thank you Kittie, I suppose I was afraid I would be back on treatment before I retired and was a bit restless. I can now look forward to retiring very quietly no fuss. I have no plans, I know I have jokingly said a woman shed with a couch tv and no Judge Judy. But I have to work on keeping up the walking in reality and maybe plan a break later on. My dog walker who I relied on has apparently emigrated to Berlin. He was very good and kind and reliable and honest. So if we went away he would come and walk the dogs during the day while my daughter was at work. A good arrangement so now have to do some research. Hope treatment going well

  • Joan - delighted the news was good. So, onwards and upwards for you to enjoy the summer. Hope to catch up soon. Maureen

  • Thanks Daisies, I did ask was I a two legged chair or a two and a half legged chair and the nurse was looking at the two of us and my husband started looking at the chair I was sitting on. So I said well I listened to his talk so he smiled

  • Great news Joan. You'll enjoy the next few months and the new chapter in your life. I'm loving retirement! Miriam

  • Yes he seemed surprised but then I have surprised him before. But in fairness, he has been brilliant to me always. I wouldnt have made it to here without his expertise. I am going to find it hard in a few weeks but will do it all very quietly no fuss. Maybe in Sept I will consider doing a few hours voluntary or find something else to do. My friend in Kildare did a few short courses over the Winter months in Dublin so that is food for thought. I shall see

  • Enjoy the moment now Joan . So glad for you . Retirement is most enjoyable !

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