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Ct results


I am new to your community so here to say hello and your help please.

A little about me, 53yrs FSH blood test elevated so in the midst of menopause.

Just had an abdominal CT scan and Cystoscopy after a number of urine tests showing trace of blood in urine. CT scan showed up a ovarian cyst part fluid part solid which I am going to have a further CT scan for in a couple of weeks to investigate more closely. I thought I would see GP today to request ca125 blood test in the meantime, do you think he will agree to this?

Also it was mentioned in the ct report that my ' sterilisation clips in place' now as far as I am aware I have never been sterilised . I do remember them asking me back in '93 when I had a c section if I would like to be sterilised and I said no, has anybody had something like this before?

Catherine x

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It is possible your gp will do a full blood count including the ca 125 no harm to have it done. But the consultant would normally order this along with the next ct scan if he or she was concerned. I suppose you have to take it step by step and go with the flow. Its a worry but hopefully ct scan will show that its not malignant


Thanks for replying 😀


Dear Catherine

Welcome to our friendship circle. I'm sorry to hear you're worried about blood counts and cysts. I haven't experienced anything like you but just wanted to say hello and hope you get some helpful answers.

It sounds as though you need some questions answered in the radiographer thinks you have sterilisation clips in place and you think you haven't been sterilised. I think if I were in your situation I'd also go back to see the GP. I wonder why they're doing a second CT scan. You'd think they'd have the image from the first and could read from that.

Please ask the GP whether you should have the CA125 test and it might be worth clarifying whether it's a second CT scan or another sort of scan. It would be good to get all this sorted out.

xx Annie


Thanks Annie, I went to see GP last night and having CA125 blood test on Thursday, he thinks it maybe a further ultra scan rather than ct scan ( I am deaf on one side due to stroke so it makes it difficult to hear a full conversation so I may have only picked up on the word scan).

He looked at my old paper notes for '93 and nothing noted, he is requesting my hospital notes for the c section next and asked me to query when having scan. He is astonished but then he is a younger doctor, I do remember rumblings of this happening in past years. It's a mystery !


Hello. Like the others said - welcome. However, your scans show a few issues and some will require further investigations. But your GP sounds very clued in - but a note of warning/bewareness, the CA125 test does not always show any indication of OvCa ( I know, I am in that bracket).

The thought that you have 'clips' inside and no one can confirm is frightening....medics!! I do sometimes worry is it hit or miss.

So , an ultrasound could help indicate a problem,,, and blood in urine may have meant urinary infection and not OC, but you are right to get everything checked.

Do keep us all posted and best wishes.



Thanks Daises for yr reply, I will keep u informed x


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