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Hi there ladies and gents, just wondering what if any were your experience of abdominal ultra sound. My gp has arranged one for me because he feels my liver bloods are not normal yet they are not bad enough for him to stop my statins for cholestrol. My onc team do not know as yet he has organised this and gp told me it was separate from OC. So I have to fast but drink water, I have been googling and driving myself silly. I know I should know better. The reason I am getting in a tizzy I am wondering about the what ifs especially since it is quite some time I had a ct scan and god knows what is going on in my insides. My ca 125 was 25 in early March which is still within normal range. I thought I was getting a liver scan but it seems my gp is hell bent on getting his monies worth, I have to go to the Elysian Clinic to have it done and I have never been there. I see my Onc for routine check up on Monday and expect him to order a ct scan. I will have a busy life. Any help would be appreciated. In the meantime, I wish all of you well especially those of you on treatment or about to start treatment, I know I have stolen these words but definitely this illness is the illness which keeps on giving. Sometimes we dont need these types of pressies

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  • Hi, sorry your having problems. An abdominal USS is OK, you lie on couch and the radiologist or radiographer puts gel on the area they are scanning and then hold a little handset which they run over the area, slowly. You will probably be able to see on the monitor next to you. Doesn't hurt at all. Easiest of the scans ii think. Good luck. Ann xx

  • Hi Ann, thank you for that. I just hate these tests. Not long since I had endoscopy and you could say I have now seen my insides from top to tail in the past two years. The endo was clear thankfully but I suppose the ultra sound give a better view of the organs.

  • Hi. I am sorry you are so worried.

    I has to miss one of my treatments in the early part of my chemo because of significantly raised LFTS. This was following 1 normal CT and 2 normal MRI s of my liver and pancreas. So I was sent for an abdomen u/s.

    They found I had gallstones which were causing my issues but my bilirubin was ok so my ONC concultant said to carry on with chemo but my LFTS had improved hugely anyway. That was 2 months ago and all is well since. The ultrasoumd itself was fine. Jelly on the belly and a chatty radiologist meant I was able to relax as she showed me and told me her findings as she went along. I don't know why your GP is operating in isolation from the ONC team. They should be working together really.

    I hope that is useful. I know I may have to deal with gallstones later on but it was nice to know that there wasn't any more or new sites of cancer there.

    Good luck with it. Bernie X

  • I really dont get that either to be honest Bernie. The Onc team hasnt been worried about my bloods. But I sure get tested inside out and upside down. Had both scopes and ent referral when I was on Avastin. Maybe he thinks I get bored now that I am retired. I am sure there are more deserving women out there for ultra sound. He said it is nothing to do with OC so I do hope he is right.

  • Hi Suzuki.Your gp is really on the ball.It must be comforting to know that he won't let anything get under the radar.If your CA is still under the 35 level,I wouldn't worry.Many things can cause the liver readings to go up or down and medication your taking might be the cause of this.The Elysian is a good place to go,that's where I'm sent for scans.Handy car park with a door leading right into the clinic.Waiting time is at a minimum and free tea or coffee at a designated area,help yourself.The other ladies explained about the jelly on the belly and that's all it is!! Try not to worry,difficult I know.xx

  • Hi Annie you are right, I know its the easy one of them all but if they find something amiss he has to tell the team anyhow. It could be the Crestor and he says it has been higher. I get prodded and poked on Monday for my routine check up and then back in Tuesday for Ultra sound. I was going to change it until Thurs but realised that report wouldnt be back before the long weekend. So the highlight of today was to buy new undies again!!!!! Glad I can have a cuppa to recover before I go home.

  • Hi there, read ur post and know that scan anxiety feeling!😞

    Just to clarify, if u are for abdominal ultrasound only,there is no need to drink. You must fast totally for ultrasound abdomen.

    For a pelvic ultrasound you need a full bladder so u must drink and feel full before the scan. I would ring Elysian to confirm same to make sure for yourself. Wishing you good results xxx

  • I think he meant I can have water to take with any meds that morning or if I am thirsty. I think I have to be there twenty minutes before in order to drink either water or a cocktail. I am glad Annie said there are tea and coffee facilities there, she knows me so well.

  • Hi Joan, are we getting worked up just for a simple USG? C'mon, you know more than this Joan. Chin up lady, all will be well. Just Keep the Faith and all the best.


  • Oh Naimish you are too hard on me haha. I know its my mind going into overdrive and really I do feel okay, I just suffer from an over zealous gp.

  • Hi Suzuki

    Just wanted to chime in .. my gp previously ordered an untrasound because I was peeing very frequently . It took a few mins..Totally non invasive .resukts normal

    However when I saw my oncologist a week later he ordered a ct and mentioned an ultrasound would never show anything that a Ct wouldn't be more accurate at looking at . This was found to be through in my case . Wishing you luck with your onc visit next week. Plan something nice for yourself this weekend:)

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