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Well I have a question to put out there for anyone who recently had a ct scan. I got the drink to take for the usual period. I was then called in for the scan but asked about my kidney function test. This was new to me! So they went on my last test in October as at present I am on a drug free holiday. But it seems now you need this blood test done before your ct scan. Have any of you come across this yet. I have appt for result in ten days time so I will ask then but I am just curious.

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  • I had a CT scan in Jan and a contrast dye CT scan at the beginning of March, neither time was I asked about my kidney function test nor did I do one, never heard of it!


  • I was having the contrast dye scan of the tummy and Thorax on Tuesday. I had the same radiographer as usual and it was she who said this is now the standard procedure. I did have ca 125 a few weeks back as my gp was worried but he only did that particular one. My Onc went for mri rather than bring scan date forward which showed inflamation of my hip area. So hoping that ct just confirms inflammation. The mind boggles

  • Hi Suzuki, I had a CT scan 3 weeks ago as an in patient and I didn't have to drink a jug of junk as I call it, I did get the dye flushed through me when I commented on it they told me I didn't need the jug of junk. That was the first time I had scan without it. It still showed up the little blighters wide awake .The mind boggles ?.I did have to have a blood test yesterday for kidney function and thankfully it was ok. Kittie.

  • So we dont need the jug of junk, why oh why do they inflict these things on us. Well Kittie mri was okay so hoping against hope that ct will be as well but I know my turn is due at the same time. I hope you are doing okay and that you are not too tired or feeling yuck at the moment

  • I had one in April and never was asked but then I have been having regular kidney function tests thsy might be why. I'll let you know if they ask at my next CT scan. Glad to hear everything is ok well if you call inflammation ok. We have a strange new normal in this gsmg of ours!!!



  • Yes and what I am supposed to do about the inflamation is beyond me. I expect I should go back to my gp for a referral. So I think I will wait until I have the result of the ct and then go back. I also had hip xray so I am all xrayed out at the moment. The pain is okay as long as I dont walk too far, Yes I agree we do have a strange new normal. My gp is vigilant maybe too much so for my liking but that is his job

  • Hi Yes I had one was after my surgery and before chemo started as I was told they had to check my kidneys were functioning before chemo went ahead. I would ask MacMillan nurse why some and some don't...interesting though!


  • I am here in Ireland the land of the rain though we got sunshine today. This was the first time they ever asked about kidney function and it knocked me for six. Maybe its because I am getting older and they have to be more careful. But surely they should have sent me for the blood test before giving me the drink as in day before. Will mention it to Oncologist in ten days and see what he says. Thanks for your reply

  • Hi Suzuki,I wasn't asked about that test and I had scan just 2 weeks ago,had to drink the contrast and infused contrast.Met with Onc today,scan not as good as I was told last week,which was a huge blow.Also my bloods are down again.Ill be going in this weekend for transfusion and he is getting different teams to blitze me with tests.Im now very worried with result of scan.I was on a high last week,so not sure why I was told something that was not true.

  • Hi Annie H third time lucky as having no fun replying to you are the moment, the posts just wont post. Anyhow I am sorry that you were misled a bit last week, I hope they get to the bottom of it as to who gave you the information. You are probably in hospital now getting bloods and being bombarded by tests etc. I am really sorry but hopefully some positivity will come out of this. Maybe they shouldnt have left you home during the week when you went to a and e. You would wonder at the level of care. But keep on speaking up because it seems to be the way to go unfortunately. Sending you a big hug, best wishes

  • I had a ct scan 3 weeks ago. I had a blood test but don t know why as I wasn't told. I had to drink three cups of water and had the usual dye injected half way through. It was my first scan since treatment so thought it was what everyone had. Tracey

  • Hi Suzuki

    I did read that the contrast dye can cause kidney damage in some patients but very rarely. If you are having frequent scans perhaps they are just being extra careful. I am sure it is good to have kidney function tested anyway as after all we all have had lots of chemicals in our bodies and I would be happy to have it done. Take care


  • Well all my scans in the past few years were while I was on treatment so they would go by my bloods and urine I suppose. This was my first post treatment in a while so was taken back. I would have been mad had I got the drink and sat for half an hour and then sent to have bloods and another appointment made.

  • Suzuki

    I had the kidney filter test last week. the Nuclear team asked when I last had my ct scan, but I didn't ask why.


  • So it must be kind of new regulation or whatever so now. I suppose they have to be careful. thanks for the reply

  • I'm in Australia and every time I have a CTScan have to have had a kidney blood test don't have to drink anything other than water to drink but have a power port which I have my contrast put thru

  • Thank you for your reply Cathy 46, it must be a new ruling here in Ireland. Then as I said it is my first scan since I finished chemo or Avastin and wasnt expecting to be asked that, obviously before this they just checked it discreetly. Here they dont use a port as far as I know, they use the main vein in the crease of your arm. The ports here are just used for chemo. Hope you are doing okay at the moment best wishes

  • They always do a creatinine level to check kidney function prior to CT with contrast. they don't want to damage your kidney.

  • They may have started this routine here since our last post, I havent had a scan in a while so I havent had a creatine test; This is another new thing so,

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