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another good news day

Hello All. Was in yesterday for usual Avastin and first Scan since I completed full chemo last Dec. Got a call from Hospital yesterday afternoon to tell my that there is no change - which is all I ask for. My wonderfyl Onc was on holidays, so will chat more with him in 3 weeks time.

So, best wishes to all for a good Easter and hopefully some dry & sunny weather.

Daisies xxx

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Hi Daisies, That is wonderful news and even better getting the results so soon after, itsmeans you can now enjoy Easter.

Take care Kittie


That is great news Daisies, my phone has been silent but hopefully some one will ring me and let me know next week. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter, the Sun is out this evening so have been out for a walk. I am working tomorrow but hope to visit grandson next week


That's briiliant news Daisies, happy Easter!


Brilliant results Daisies,well done xx.Have a great relaxing Easter.


Yay good news!

Happy Easter

Dawn xx


Really good news Daisies!!! Enjoy your Easter

Love Wendy xxx


Fantastic news, enjoy the Easter hols xo


Hi Daisies. Have good Easter. Had lovely walk in Morecambe with my husband and gorgeous son (well I would say that wouldn't I?). Feeling good. Hope this Caelyx is suiting me I feel better than I ever have.



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