another good news day

Hello All. Was in yesterday for usual Avastin and first Scan since I completed full chemo last Dec. Got a call from Hospital yesterday afternoon to tell my that there is no change - which is all I ask for. My wonderfyl Onc was on holidays, so will chat more with him in 3 weeks time.

So, best wishes to all for a good Easter and hopefully some dry & sunny weather.

Daisies xxx

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  • Hi Daisies, That is wonderful news and even better getting the results so soon after, itsmeans you can now enjoy Easter.

    Take care Kittie

  • That is great news Daisies, my phone has been silent but hopefully some one will ring me and let me know next week. I hope everyone has a lovely Easter, the Sun is out this evening so have been out for a walk. I am working tomorrow but hope to visit grandson next week

  • That's briiliant news Daisies, happy Easter!

  • Brilliant results Daisies,well done xx.Have a great relaxing Easter.

  • Yay good news!

    Happy Easter

    Dawn xx

  • Really good news Daisies!!! Enjoy your Easter

    Love Wendy xxx

  • Fantastic news, enjoy the Easter hols xo

  • Hi Daisies. Have good Easter. Had lovely walk in Morecambe with my husband and gorgeous son (well I would say that wouldn't I?). Feeling good. Hope this Caelyx is suiting me I feel better than I ever have.


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