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Brighten up your evening

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Well ladies and gents and of course my friend Naimish, I have missed a bit lately. Well daughter in law kept in Maternity Hospital as baby was a bad breech and was cause for concern. Baby decided to stop being naughty and was born on early Sunday Morning. He was 7lbs 11z. Both doing well. So all came home yesterday very good in fairness and they travelled to Kilkenny this lunchtime. We are relieved all went well. Daughter in law planned to have two weeks here before baby came but as we all have learned you can't plan in advance.

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Congratulations on the birth of your second Grandson, what excitement your much have had over the last week having Calum stay with you.Just image when the visit again it will be double trouble 😀😂.Bring photos with you on Saturday Joan. Phil

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Will do Kittie thank you

Hey Joan!

What wonderful news congrats to you and your family! Babies are great for the soul they lift you up with the little button noses and lovely soft skin! Glad to hear all is well!

See you on Saturday!


Congratulations Grandma. Good to have you back Joan.


Such lovely news. Congratulations xx

Lovely news Joan. Congratulations to all on the arrival of the little treasure. See you on Sat I hope !


Many congratulations Joan,enjoy every moment! I have my 3 month old grandson with me at the moment,they bring such joy xx

Congrats!!! What lovely news!


Congratulations Suzuki! Xxx

Congratulations Suzuki!!! :)

I nominate Choski from my Ovacome entry submitted

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Congratulations Joan!

Congratulations another blessing to love 💙 xo

Dear Suzuki

Merry Xmas

May I ask what stage were you at diagnosis



Hi Joelle, I don't know I actually didn't ask. I don't want to know, I just keep fighting this illness with mostly a hopeful outlook. I do have my off days. I was diagnosed in 2006, So there is always hope

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