Christmas Day greetings to special people

It is now after 10pm and I have fallen asleep many times since we finished dinner. We missed mother but I felt her looking over my shoulder making sure I cooked that goose properly. My lovely butcher had made her potato stuffing exactly as she used to do it. This is what we used to have at Christmas when I was a little girl until we changed to turkey like the rest of the world. We had mulled wine in the morning whilst nibbling on smoked salmon on lovely Irish brown bread.

I made a conscious effort to suspend for a few daysall the worry and stress that this dreadful disease has caused. I have been reading so many posts and I care about them all so much that I really want to reply to everyone but in the meantime I want you special women to know that I said a special prayer for you at midnight Mass last night.


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  • Thank you MollyO for remembering us in your prayers. I am glad you had a nice Christmas day as I hope all the Ladies on this site had. It is always hard the first Christmas after losing a loved one even though they are forever in our hearts. Happy New Year to everyone and I hope 2016 is a little kinder to us all. Kittie

  • Hi Kittie

    Thanks for your lovely reply. I was just in the middle of a big long philosophical reply when it vanished into a cloud of cyber smoke as Suzuki was just then also replying ! Maybe it is just as well as it was a bit too serious. I will reserve my serious stuff until the. Christmas season is over. Meanwhile we will try to keep the joy of Christmas alive in all of us


  • Hi Molly O, I am glad yesterday went okay for you, I imagine you were dreading it. Strange that the stuffing turned out exactly as your Mum made. Yes Christmas Day was probably hard for some of the ladies and gents on here. My day went reasonably well, I was stuffed last night. My first drug free Xmas for some time but I slept until ten o Clock Xmas Day. Despite this the Xmas Dinner was cooked and eaten

  • Hi Suzuki

    So glad you also had a lovely Christmas Day. I was dreading it but it turned out much better than I thought it would. Another brother joined us and so I had lots of help doing the hard bits. I knew the stuffing would probably taste like mothers as he told me exactly how he was going to make it. We did miss mother so much but we also knew she would not want us to sit around moaning. I have many things to do before her anniversary next month or she will haunt me !

    I do agree that for many people on this site Christmas did not stop the pain of illness or treatment but I hope they were surrounded by love to help them get through. I haven't been posting for a while but I read the posts every day and now there are so many I can hardly keep up. I also think that if I don't have anything positive or helpful to say that i should keep my mouth shut. One of my sisters tells me that I have no filter between my brain and my mouth! Happy new year Suzuki


  • I think it's lovely you keep in touch . Always nice to get good wishes from people with insight into this diseases, your mum must be very proud,

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