Results from scan not good

Just an update still in hospital going to be drained today hopefully scan shows inflamed pelvic nodes and fatty bit of stomach still on drip chemo straight away they said to scared to ask any questions but I no it's bad because they are moving fast I can talk to all of you on here it's not face to face but does inflamed nodes and fatty bit of stomach mean cancer what's gone so wrong I was fine until my leg started playing up sorry for my story just needed someone to talk to hope you are all ok xxx

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  • Well the nodes could be inflamed from infection. However if you are having a drain today you should feel comfier by tomorrow. I would imagine you just have a good team working with you. Believe me if they thought chemo wouldnt be effective you wouldnt have it so please try and be more positive. I know that is easy for me to say to you. But for now you are in good hands

  • Oh bless you. I understand you are frightened to ask questions, I'm sure I'd be the same. Try to keep positive and rely on the professionals. As Suzuki said, they wouldn't give you chemo for no reason - this stuff is expensive. I'm praying for you lovely lady as I'm sure everyone else is. Stay strong xx

  • Thanks hope you are ok

  • Hi Rosanne

    It's always scary for everyone in the beginning until you get into a routine with treatment. The treatment is putting you on the road to recovery and will also deal with any extra fluid. If you can't ask questions yourself is there a relative or friend who can be with you to ask any questions and more importantly to remember the answers. I'm a total cowardly wimp myself but somehow got the strength to deal with everything. Keep asking questions on this site when you need to. I wish you all the best. Take care


  • Thanks I hope you are ok xx

  • Thanks ladies your support is lovely xxx

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